Screen Printing Technical Experts | Squeegee & Ink

Screen Printing Technical Experts | Squeegee & Ink

Squeegee & Ink is an open access screen printing studio in Newbury that is owned and operated by Chessie Rosier. Squeegee & Ink is more than a studio, it's a place of fun. Chessie loves introducing people to the most diverse printing processes of screen printing. If you would like to learn how to screen print in a simple workshop or 1:1, then we recommend you visit to find out more.

William Shorter Product Manager for CPS interviewed Chessie to get an understanding behind her passion for Screen Printing.

Tell us about Squeegee & Ink and why you became involved in screen printing?

"Screen Printing relies on a few processes to be completed with care and attention. Designing your image, exposing the screen, right through to pushing the ink through the mesh. Each step needs careful consideration and allows the printmaker to dictate ink deposits and consistency. The reason I love the technique is partly due to the craftsmanship involved in making sure you have the best exposure and use a technique which will compliment the image. I am always developing and learning my craft through teaching and working with other artists. In the studio I teach several times a week and the studio is open access for local artists and designers. There is always help on hand to discuss the best way in which to produce the print".

Tell us about one of the artists or illustrators who are using your studio?

"Emily Parker is one of the illustrators who use the studio on a regular basis to build her portfolio and stock. Emily has a broad range of products and therefore substrates to print on. With experimentation, innovation and the best quality materials and inks her range is second to none".

What is your top tip for screen printing?

Chessie’s top tip. "When using the squeegee, pull a light flood stroke and follow with a print stroke. To obtain the correct angle of the squeegee draw an imaginary line from the end of your nose to the squeegee, which will be roughly 40 degrees. Finish your stroke with a curtsey of the squeegee, this will help deposit ink from the squeegee back onto the screen".

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