Air Conditioners, Are They Necessary?


Air conditioners serve a multitude of purposes, making them extremely important appliances within the home or workplace.

A qualified, professional, F-Gas registered air conditioning engineer will correctly install a system, allowing the user all the great benefits that air conditioning will bring.

There are numerous benefits the user should understand:

• Air conditioners reduce heat produced by appliances

• Filter the air circulating within an area

• Promote human efficiency

• Reduce damp and mould within properties

• Provide year round comfort with cooling and heating*

As well as the heat produced by human bodies, air conditioning can counteract or even reverse the heat produced by computers and electrical appliances. All electrical equipment, even small appliances such as coffee makers and printers, gradually increase the temperature within a room/area. A smaller property will become warmer quicker, and larger properties will experience an increase in temperature, purely from the amount of appliances in use.

By using an air conditioner, you can combat the excess heat generated from electrical appliances, to make a room/area more comfortable.

Air conditioners improve air quality, FACT!

By filtering the air circulating within an area, this creates a healthier, cleaner environment. This is not only ideal for individuals or families with children, but also in commercial environments where large amounts of people are working together for many hours of the day.

The filtered air passing through the system becomes free of excess dust particles and bacteria, promoting good health within the environment.

The removable filters fitted inside air conditioning units require regular cleaning to continue correctly filtering the air passing through.

Maintaining a clean system is crucial to correct operation for both health and efficiency, to get the greatest benefits.

Human efficiency can also be increased dramatically!

Various studies show that conditions within a working environment significantly change how efficient a work force can be. With correctly functioning air conditioning, more comfortable atmospheric conditions can be achieved with a view to making people more comfortable and efficient.

As we all know, in warmer temperatures, a person becomes fatigued more quickly.This is why an air conditioning unit or system can be such a valuable tool forcommercial property and business owners. By correctly controlling the temperatureand humidity within an area, the concentration and efficiency of a work force is increased.

Whether using a portable air conditioning unit or a fully installed system, the user can maintain a comfortable temperature of their choice. Also, excess moisture can be removed from the air to ensure that humidity lies at around 50%. This has the added benefit of killing mould spores and preventing damp within a property.

In short, and in answer to the title question of Air Conditioners, Are They Necessary??

The simple answer has to be Yes!

With all the added benefits that air conditioning can bring to all aspects of personal and working lives, now might just be the time to finally think about getting air conditioning yourself.

For assistance in selecting the correct unit or system for your requirements, contact the staff at Cooleasy on 0800 458 0101 or visit

*Most newer air conditioning systems are also referred to as ‘Heat Pumps’ which have the added benefit of working in reverse and providing heating when required. So not only can you experience a cooler environment in the warmer summer months (which is what most people think air conditioning was solely designed for), you can now use your system year round and get heating in the cooler winter months. This added feature makes air conditioning a viable solution to most consumers, as it has year round benefits.

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Air Conditioners, Are They Necessary?

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Air conditioners serve a multitude of purposes, making them extremely important appliances within the home or workplace. A qualified, professional, F...

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