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Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Jerrycans

Plastic Jerrycans are like the Swiss Army knives of containers – versatile, durable, and handy to have around. They’ve been used for over 70 years for storing and transporting liquids, from fuel to water to chemicals. Originally designed for the military, Jerrycans are now found in many industries and homes.

Jerrycans were first invented in Germany in the 1930s for the military to transport fuel. They were made of metal and could hold 20 litres. The name Jerrycan comes from a slang term used by the British to refer to Germans during World War II.


After the war, the Jerrycan design was adapted for civilian use, and plastic versions became popular. Today, plastic Jerrycans are used for many things, like:


  • Storing and transporting fuel for vehicles and machinery
  • Storing and transporting water for outdoor use
  • Storing and transporting chemicals for industrial use
  • Storing and transporting drinks for camping and picnics


The best part about plastic Jerrycans is that they are durable, lightweight, tamper-evident, and recyclable. They’re made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which means they can handle rough handling and impacts. Plus, they come with tamper-evident caps that keep the contents secure. And, when you’re done with them, you can recycle them to reduce waste.


At CJK, we offer a range of plastic Jerrycans in different sizes and colours. Our Jerrycans are made from high-quality HDPE and come with tamper-evident caps. They’re perfect for all sorts of uses, whether you need to store water for a camping trip or transport hazardous chemicals for your business.

Check out our popular Jerrycan options, like the 5L Plastic Jerrycan, which comes in various colours, or the 20L Plastic Jerrycan, which is ideal for larger quantities of liquids. We also offer a 25L UN Approved Plastic Jerrycan, which is certified for storing and transporting hazardous materials.

Above all, plastic Jerrycans are practical, tough, and widely used for storing and transporting liquids. At CJK, we’ve got a great selection of plastic Jerrycans that are perfect for your needs.

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