Print and Bespoke Showcase

Print and Bespoke Showcase

Here are some of our bespoke and print packaging products that we had produced for our clients in the past year that we would love to show you all. If you weren’t aware of what we can do for a business like yours, this will definitely be an eye opener 😁.

The Savoy London

As well as a place of luxury for a nights stay, the Savoy are also best known for their traditional afternoon tea. Due to the current climate we’re in, the chance to experience having afternoon tea at the Savoy is on hold until further notice.

So we worked closely together to produce an at home afternoon tea experience, where those who feel they are missing out can have their tea delivered to their door. The box is made to resemble the hotel to keep the theme of the Savoy and its class. The box opens up to reveal drawer compartments for storing sandwiches, cakes and dainty finger foods in a presentable and hygienic way. This is one of many bespoke solutions we have been able to accomplish.

  1. Bao London (@bao_london)


We helped Bao bring to life their vibrant royal blue block bottom paper bags. These are designed to be a standout amongst most bags you’ll see being carried around London, quickly sparking interest with bags like no other, If you see a royal blue bag chances are it’s Bao!

  1. Crosstown (@crosstown)


@annixspm For our client Crosstown we produced what is known as a 2-ply brown Kraft paper bag, so they feature a white greaseproof interior, making this bag best suited for their amazing doughnuts and cookies. They have also gone with a positive message on the base of the bag to brighten up their customers day. The white print on the brown kraft paper effortlessly stands out while maintaining the bags rustic look.

  1. Old Bakery Gin (@oldbakerygin)


Old Bakery Gin have taken an eco-friendly approach with their packaging using raw jute materials to create a drawstring pouch to perfectly complement their bottles of Gin. The use of natural materials gives a raw and vintage feel. These bags are printed with a stencil styled print that reads ‘Now Legal’ In reference to their discovery that their distillery once was a bakery over 120 years ago which also had a past of being a distillery which sold Gin illegally.

  1. Diginbox (@diginbox)

Digin are well recognised for providing their welcome packs to over 400,000 University students across the UK. We were more than happy to be a part of this project, having a bag that we’ve helped put together be used across the country. It was important that these bags were made to be sustainable and eco-friendly, so they’ve been made with sturdy cotton fabric that can be used time and time again. The digin logo is printed on the front in a standout bright orange to match the brand colours. This is a great way to promote a brand and create interest for the general public.

To Conclude

It has been a pleasure working with the brands we work with as its always a new and exciting experience for us. Our print and bespoke experience allows us to push boundaries and bring many ideas to life. We work with experienced suppliers/manufacturers who help to put together a packaging product that is not shy of quality and appeal.

If you’re thinking about an update to your packaging or want to get started with branded packaging, bespoke or print, feel free to get in touch with us via email:

Click below to see what else we do. Our specialist are happy to help and answer any of your questions.

For more information on  Print and Bespoke Showcase  talk to  Carrier Bag Shop

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