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Native English Ash Timber - now available online!

Our 1" Sawn English Ash Timber is now available to order from our online shop (while stocks last!). The timber is supplied by the cubic foot in a mixture of live and square edge boards. Some boards present plenty of beautiful olive ash heartwood and a distinctive grain pattern. The timber has been sustainably sourced and then sawn and carefully kiln dried at our premises here in Yorkshire. Priced at only £41.38 per cu.ft. (incl. VAT) it offers the chance to purchase a quality native hardwood at more than 30% OFF the price of American Ash timber.


The board lengths are random and tend to be around 8ft (2.4m) to 10ft (3m), but can vary. The boards widths are also random but are typically between 6" (150mm) and 10" (250mm). Some boards are much wider than 10" (250mm) but are only suitable for collection due to their weight. You would be very welcome to call in to select your own boards.

For more information on Native English Ash Timber - now available online! talk to British Hardwoods, The Oak Specialists

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