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Bramah Old Type Locks
Any Bramah lock manufactured pre 1963 we call "old type". Due to 221 years of manufacturing, we have a large number of items still in use. Bramah locksmith's service includes: -opening locked boxes, suitcases, despatch boxes, without damage or with minimal damage - repairing damaged parts and refurbishment of worn components - cutting keys to lock and to pattern on the original but now motorised 1850 machine -providing some historical background to the product, including age and whether an original Bramah or Bramah type; -upgrading old locks to be compatible with the modern mechanism. Much of our business is done by mail. To send us something by mail, always be sure to insure it as the components are irreplaceable. We prefer that you never send the entire item as we are locksmiths, not furniture restorers or leather goods manufacturers.

For more information on Bramah Old Type Locks talk to Bramah Security Centres Ltd

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