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Aggregation of Cosmetic Products
An aggregation of cosmetic products is not mandatory. In order to ensure complete traceability, the aggregation of the packaging bundles, boxes and pallets makes sense. During aggregation, a "mother-child relationship" is created between the individual products and the packaging unit. This facilitates the traceability of the individual drug and makes its product route more transparent. This simplifies logistics processes, product recalls can be carried out more quickly, stolen products can be reported more quickly and customs offices can record delivery contents more quickly. How can aggregation and cartoning processes be made more effective?The manual closing of boxes is usually very time-consuming and leads to an interruption in the packaging process. Starting from 40 boxes a day, it makes sense to automate the sealing process - this can reduce the required working time by up to 70%.b + b offers you a solution for the closing and labeling of boxes - box closing and labeling machine in one - SCC-AG - semi-automatic boxing and aggregation. The operator opens the flat box and places it in the system. The system automatically folds and locks the lower flaps. The upper flaps are closed by the operator and then transported to the closer using the transport rollers - here it is closed with self-adhesive adhesive material. Depending on the requirements, the system can be equipped with a side or corner labeller.

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