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Reducing Production Downtime with Auxiliary Equipment

Production efficiency always has been important to the manufacturing sector, but with rising energy and raw material costs, combined with worldwide inflation and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it probably is more important than it has ever been. As Barwell visits rubber factories all over the world, we are receiving increasing commonality in the issues that harm production efficiency and downtime.


Here are five of the most commonly raised issues.


A rear-loading preformer machine option is available, which means operators will not disturb the filtering setup or damage the filters when loading the machine. The filters do not need replacing, as they would with a front-loading machine (with a front-loading machine, the filters tear away from the filtering accessories on the opening of the head and need replacing, adding significant time to the loading process).


We’d also suggest using a high-pressure machine to help push the compound through the mesh filters that filter the compound. This can provide an increase of up to five times the amount of rubber filtered per minute as the high pressure helps to push the compound through the tiny aperture on the gauze plate and mesh filters.


The best way to make key decisions is through data analysis; Automation, data collection and instant analysis ensure that the monitoring of machine performance improves production quality and efficiency, as well as enabling predictive maintenance and instant troubleshooting to take place.


Many companies are trying to establish smart factories, and systems are available to help transform rubber processors’ operations by using a safe Internet Gateway and advanced technology, allowing machines, devices, sensors and people to connect and communicate with each other. Process engineers are provided with vital information and data from all points in the manufacturing process to aid decision-making and identify key areas that require development. The systems also can provide operators with alarms, production history, error logging, live tracking, service reminders, daily checks and document storage to make daily tasks simple and trouble-free.


Another major benefit to these systems is the ability to allow direct remote access to the machine’s control panel for solving urgent problems from anywhere in the world. Some systems also have the functionality to connect via an IP camera to view the machine remotely, providing instant support to help machine owners. This will help reduce downtime considerably and reduce the need for a service engineer visit.


A front die change solution is available, which is much quicker as the holder ring is unscrewed from the front. This means operators quickly can swap the die out for a different one without disturbing the accessories behind the head, and this has the added benefit of not having to remove any rubber compound, which can be a timely process.


Many of today’s preform machines are highly accurate machines, designed for minimal wastage and consistency during production runs. This firm’s preformers include a ‘scales feedback’ system for automatic weight adjustment to ensure rubber blank control, which helps to maintain accuracy, of up to +/- 1% by volume for many applications. It is possible to access a quick product setup using a product database to save time when programming the machine.


For existing owners of this firm’s equipment, an extended funnel can be used when producing solid sections of up to 90mm to further reduce compound wastage, which will reduce leftover compound found within the head accessories after each batch cycle, as the channel within the funnel has been narrowed.


To lower the costs associated with cryogenic rubber deflashing machines, it is important to reduce the level of liquid nitrogen consumption. This firm’s highly engineered chamber construction means that there is no wasted space, which reduces consumption. The inclusion of a 99.99% dry air system to transport the media prevents any unnecessary damage to the polycarbonate media and reduces any downtime, and removes any impurities found within the shop air when compared to a screw augar. The main disadvantage of a screw augar is that it degrades the polycarbonate media quickly and is a labour-intensive process to clean. A dry-air system also means that gaseous nitrogen is not required, which is another cost savings.


Barwell’s aim always has been to improve production efficiency and reduce downtime to help maximize an organization’s profitability and production quality, as well as ensure effective and efficient supply and service through the supply chain. Barwell has new machine solutions for customers who do not currently own a Barwell, machine improvements for current Barwell owners or additional machines for Barwell owners to add to their rubber complete processing cycle.


Barwell manufactures rubber-processing machines, including batch-fed ram preformers, continuous gear pump preformers, rubber deflashing machines, space-saving spiral cooling conveyors, strip cutting machines, industrial drying microwave ovens and tyre re-treading machines.


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Ian Turner, Sales and Service Director, Barwell Global Limited

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