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Wiring Loom Tester

Product Code: B857

Wiring Loom Tester
This is the best choice cable harness tester for larger installations when connectivity testing (shorts, opens and miswires) are the only parameters that need to be checked. The B857 “Tracy” cable harness tester is computer based and uses a USB connection so that the computer does not need to be opened to install any special hardware. "Tracy" will carry out an exhaustive continuity check on the cable harness or wiring loom to determine the electrical connections between each point within the cable harness. The "Tracy" is able to learn from a (gold standard) cable harness or wiring loom or use a pre-stored wiring list to verify that the subsequent assemblies match the connectivity map exactly. The "Tracy" checks all possible connections within a cable harness or wiring loom assembly for opens, shorts and miswires, any faults identified are then displayed on screen for quick rework. "Tracy" provides traceability that the product has been fully tested. Results are stored in a Microsoft Access database and all records include the date and time of the test along with the operator and product details. When used with Microsoft Word, the information can then be used to produce reports. Portability, low cost, expandability and ease of use make the "Tracy" cable harness tester ideal to be used by the people actually doing the assembly and so save time and money on possible costly rework. "Identify A Wire" is a very useful feature, which allows the user to locate any pin in a cable harness or wiring loom assembly using the test probe. This feature can also be very useful as an assembly aid saving time and money and can also be used for locating intermittent problems. Although this cable harness tester is computer based you are able to carry out Hands free testing using the footswitch to start each test. * Tests cables, connections, wiring harnesses and switch assemblies. * Fast, accurate testing saves time and money. * Add extra modules and expand the system when you need to. * Learns and stores wiring information. * "Identify a wire" used to locate pins, save time during assembly. * Clear, easily to use software. * Faults identified for rework. * Hands free testing using a footswitch. * Low cost. * Printed results sheets. * Saves results to a PC

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