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The Place for Belt Conveyors in Automatic Scanning
ADVANTAGES It doesn’t matter if you’re running a fulfillment centre, warehouse, distribution centre, or manufacturing facility, the chances are that you measure both time and productivity not in days or hours, but in seconds. At AS Conveyor Systems, we know that streamlining your operations and improving their efficiency can not only save your company valuable time, but money as well, helping to add to your bottom line. With our vast range of belt conveyors, you’ll do precisely that. Quickly and correctly identifying packages is critical for inventory induction to ensure that the proper information and other relevant data is captured and used to route these parcels to their appropriate locations. By reading any types of linear barcodes accurately, Automated Scanners can significantly impact your operations by reducing errors which cost valuable time and resources. Because it decreases inaccuracies, it can also increase customer satisfaction, leading to enhanced relationships with clients. CAPABILITIES Automated Scanning equipment features a fully integrated system able to quickly and accurately scan all six sides of an item or package. To accomplish this, it utilizes sophisticated technology and can be equipped with the patented ViPR image recognition software, which can help it to recognise and identify barcodes, even when they’re smudged, damaged, or simply not present. Not only does the Automated Scanning equipment recognise indistinguishable or inaccessible barcodes, but it also eliminates the need for any type of manual or handheld scanning, which can be more prone to errors and requires more staff-hours. As a modular solution, Automated Scanning equipment can be implemented in minimum floor space, and can be easily integrated with in-motion scales for added efficiency, as with our These systems also provide full reporting and diagnostics functionality. APPLICATIONS E-Commerce reverse logistics Retail returns Warehouse & Distribution induction For more information visit AS Conveyor Systems

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