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The Telescopic Low Rise Gravity Unloader has been designed specifically as a cost effective solution for efficient loading and unloading of shipping containers and trailers over a level loading dock. Significantly reduces time taken to load or unload loose loaded trailers and shipping containers Has full penetration in to any trailer or shipping container Reduces number of personnel needed Reduces risk of manual handling injury Moves boxes quickly on free running PVC rollers utilising heavy duty steel where needed at the load point Makes the best use of gravity to move varying box weights at the right speed, all stands are fully adjustable using a winding handle. Option of a drop down end stop High quality UK manufactured product , robust, long lastng and simple to maintain. Fully welded For more information please email or call 01772 690656.

For more information on TELESCOPIC DOCK LEVELLER GRAVITY UNLOADING CONVEYOR talk to AS Conveyor Systems Ltd

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