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Pallet Conveyor Transfers
In many applications it is necessary to transfer pallets around corners or between automated systems. A.S Conveyor Systems supply the following pallet conveyor solutions: Pivoting Pallet Chain Transfers Reduces the number of drives required in the system Minimal impact to load integrity during the transfer operation Fully integrated assembly reduces installation time. Pivoting chain transfers are a cost-effective means to introduce loads from multiple lanes into a common line. The bolted construction design allows for a smooth and consistent transfer motion. An extended length of pivoting chain conveyor interfaces with a fixed section and ships as a complete unit for easy installation. Pallet Turntables Positive conveyance of a wide variety of loads Minimal maintenance requirements Smooth and reliable rotation Easy integration with other types of pallet conveyors. Turntables are used for rotating loads and ensure that load orientation remains the same relative to the direction of travel. An integrated bed provides positive movement of the load on and off the turntable. A motor driven, pinion and ring gear arrangement provides smooth, stable and reliable load rotation. Right Angle Transfers Fully integrated assemblies reduce installation time Electric operated transfers are suitable for freezer applications Wide range of styles for specific applications. Right angle transfers are used to facilitate a 90 degree change in the direction of product flow. The load orientation does not remain the same relative to direction of travel. Transfer activation is accomplished with heavy-duty industrial air bags, air cylinders or motors. Lift types include scissors, wedge block or offset cam operations.

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