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Pallet Conveyor Solutions
At AS Conveyor Systems we supply a large range of standard and bespoke pallet conveyor systems to an almost endless variety of industries. Our most common pallet conveyor solutions are detailed below: Gravity Pallet Conveyors – Available in medium, heavy and extra heavy duty for varying load weights. Systems can be installed horizontally wherever movement of the load is manually controlled. Shallow declines can be created by adjusting stand height, allowing loads to be moved under the force of gravity. We regularly include end-stop systems for pallet accumulation. Lineshaft Conveyor – Ensures quiet, vibration-free running, allowing an effective pitch of up to 24 rollers per metre. Quiet and maintenance free drive coupling, the spools allow accumulation and the spacers permit different options on conveyor roller pitch. Chain Conveyors – Industrial chain conveyors can be used not just to transport pallets but also transport large or long heavy or light loads. Pallet chain conveyors or “Drag chain conveyors” as they are sometimes known, can be a cost-effective alternative to roller-based systems. They are useful for long products that can span two or more lanes of chain rather than very wide rollers.

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