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FlexMove Slat Conveyors for Tote Handling
AS Conveyor Systems offer the full FlexMove slat conveyor range at the most competitive prices. The system above was designed to increase the throughput of a pharmaceutical operation. Pharmacists and technicians were manually carrying totes between various order filling stations and the area for verifying and packing. The company needed a way to automate this process and increase efficiency. To meet this request, Dorner created a three-level system that allows the totes, carrying various prescription medications, to move through the pharmacy automatically. Operators are positioned at several workstations throughout the system where prescription filling robots are located. This system uses FlexMove, high-performance, flexible slat chain conveyors. The FlexMove line is designed for long runs, tight turns, and inclines and declines which makes them ideal for a custom system that needs to fit in limited space.

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