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Everything You Need to Know About Wedge Slat Conveyors
Introduction to Wedge Slat Conveyors In most factories, space is at a premium, and conveyor location is often dependent on machinery and facility design. At AS Conveyor Systems, our goal is to simplify your processes rather than impede them. We have several solutions designed to give you more floor space and easy access to machinery and other areas of your facility. Our Wedge Conveyors are used to take products from production floor level to a higher level or vice versa. Products are wedged between opposing conveyors aligned vertically or horizontally and are moved swiftly but securely. Wedge Conveyors are easy to construct, lightweight and have compact footprints. Its rapid transfer rate makes it ideal for use in continuous, high capacity operations such as packaging lines. Built with aluminum or stainless steel, it meets the stringent hygiene standard required for medical and cosmetic packaging. They can be configured differently for a variety of uses, such as a transition between different levels, depucking operations, inverted rinse operations, and even for creating a passage way on the production floor. How a Wedge Conveyor Works Constructed with two parallel FlexMove conveyors utilizing a urethane gripper chain that wedge the sides of the product to lift or lower it vertically Products are fed into the Wedge Conveyor from a horizontal conveyor with at least a product length gap to avoid hitting each other while going through the vertical transition. Products then exit onto a horizontal conveyor Can be used with products of various sizes and shapes including boxes, totes, cans, plastic containers and bottles. Product must be able to withstand some side pressure Vertical transfer can be through a wheel corner or plain bend corner. Wheel corner is generally limited to product less than 100mm in length Can be configured with a manual adjustable conveyor positioner for quick product size changeover. Various configurations can also change product orientation. For more information visit AS Conveyor Systems or give us a call on 01772 690656

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