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ASConveyors/Dorner NHS install
This week we are proud to have successfully installed another NHS related conveyor system. This system is integral in assisting the management of the Covid effort. This picture shows build and testing prior to install in one of London's main hospitals. The total length was nearly 30m incorporating transfers and the final delivery of medical samples into a state of the art BIM (Bulk Input Module) sorting machine. We installed Dorner Conveyors incorporating 2200 and 3200 series belt systems. The quality is second to none and the support we received from Dorner was 100% as per usual. The Project has taken six months from initial enquiry to completion with a myriad of requirements and regulations to over come but we like to pride ourselves in meeting customers exacting standards. We'd love to show you post installation pictures but we respect the wishes of our customer in not disclosing NHS working enviroments. If you'd like to know more about ASConveyors or Dorner conveyors please contact us as we are the UK's Distributor. Our number is 01772 690656 or you can email

For more information on ASConveyors/Dorner NHS install talk to AS Conveyor Systems Ltd

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