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NewDEL™ Fibre-Coupled LED Light Sources Set New Standards in Brightness, Versatility, and Efficiency

AP Technologies is delighted to announce its appointment as the UK distributor for LumeDEL LLC's array of fibre-coupled LED instruments.


In recent years, fibre-coupled LED light sources have propelled significant advancements in life sciences and industrial research. Offering a promising alternative to traditional solutions, these LED-based systems have facilitated breakthroughs in microfabrication, spectroscopy, molecular biology, crystallography, materials science, and structural biology. Additionally, they have fostered the development of tools for drug discovery, advanced medical diagnostics, and innovative imaging techniques.


Recognizing the escalating demand for high-performance LED light sources across diverse sectors such as life sciences, medical, scientific, and industrial domains, LumeDEL was founded in New Hampshire. The company addresses the challenge faced by customers in finding or developing LED devices tailored to their specific applications.


LumeDEL's NewDEL™ line of fibre-coupled LEDs epitomizes energy efficiency, extended lifespan, integrated functionality and control, and high colour rendering index (CRI) (for broadband models). These instruments are well-suited to a wide spectrum of applications.


Equipped with an integrated driver and microcontroller circuitry, the LED instruments are ready for immediate deployment. Users enjoy comprehensive control over various parameters, including delays, triggers, pulse durations, PWM frequency, and duty cycle. For adept programmers, the instruments offer customisation options using unique serial commands.


The NewDEL family currently comprises twenty standard models, offering a versatile selection of narrowband sources spanning the ultraviolet (UVC, 275nm) to near-infrared (940nm) spectral range, alongside broadband sources (350-1100nm) catering to broader spectral range requirements. Customised solutions for additional wavelengths are available upon request to meet specific needs.


Key Features:

High Power: NewDEL instruments offer exceptional brightness and precision from 275nm to 1100nm.

Ease of Use: An integrated Windows-based GUI ensures programmability, while an integrated memory chip and driver/controller ensure ease of operation, enabling focus on research and applications.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Dimming: Offers precision brightness control and integration with GUI-based control.

Remote Control: NewDEL products allow remote control options through serial commands, facilitating integration into various programmable systems.

Reliable and Stable Output Power: Ensures the consistency required by laboratory-based researchers.

Broad Spectral Range: Choose from a wide range of single-chip narrowband sources and multi-chip broadband sources to suit specific requirements.

Customised Solutions: Additional wavelengths available upon request to meet unique needs.


Fibre-coupled LED Light Source Applications:

Wavelength: Applications

Ultraviolet: Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) research, photocuring, and photopolymerisation, UV-based chemical and biological analysis.

Visible: Antimicrobial blue light (aBL) therapy, fluorescence-guided surgery, fluorescence imaging, optogenetics, photobiomodulation, photocatalysis, photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Near-Infrared: Fluorescence-guided surgery, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), NIR spectroscopy (NIRS), photobiomodulation, photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Broadband: Spectroscopy: Industrial acceptance testing, materials research, process control.

Reflectometry: Colourimetry, thin film metrology, plasma processing endpoint detection.


"We believe that the NewDEL range of LED programmable light source instruments offers an impressive combination of integrated control, energy efficiency, and long lifespan. They meet the demanding light source needs of many applications within life sciences, medicine, science, and industry, providing consistent and stable illumination with precise wavelengths. We are excited by their potential and pleased to be able to add them to our product portfolio," said Martin Sharratt, Managing Director, AP Technologies.

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