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Summer sale!

Summer sale!

AMI Marine is pleased to bring you this year’s summer sale. This year we have included spares for our best-selling BNWAS and top-rated Interfaces.

Up to 25% off retail price!


Due to changes in BAM compliance, the AMI Marine X150 and X810 BNWAS systems are currently not certified for new installations.

Previously installed systems can continue to be maintained well into the future without concern, with spares and repairs permitted to continue as usual.

AMI Marine is looking at BAM compliance for the X150 BNWAS system, and will soon be re-approved. We are currently working with our partner suppliers to continue providing alternative BNWAS solutions.

BNWAS X150BNWAS X150 Rectangle

  • BUT-0004 X150-RI BNWAS Reset Panel with Visual Indicator
  • BUT-0005 X150-RE BNWAS Reset Panel with Audible and Visual Indicator
  • DSP-0001 X150-D BNWAS Display and Control Panel
  • MEU-0001 X150-U BNWAS Distribution Interface Unit


  • BUT-0008 Product: X810-D – Duty Officer Selector Panel 22
  • INT-0020 Product: X810-SI v4 – Officer Selector Interface v4 4


AMI Marine began as an Interfacing specialist in 1995, and since that time, we have refined each of our interface products to suit the needs of ageing vessels which are receiving more modern equipment installations on the bridge. We are experts in creating bespoke solutions for individual vessel requirements and have also developed new products to meet modern interfacing demands.

Our AMI Team is at the forefront of system connectivity, ensuring older systems integrate with newer bridge equipment. Our individualised solutions mean we can create an interface to meet your needs, providing the most cost-effective solution for your vessel.

X960 – Synchro Interface INT-0014

The X960 interface converts serial NMEA 0183 data to a low-power synchro, resolver, or sine and cosine output signal with ratios from 1:1 to 360:1.

Applications include refitting a ship with a new gyro and retaining existing systems such as an autopilot.


X12-DB rectangleX12-DB Data Buffer INT-0030

Data Buffer – 1 input, two outputs

Accepts one serial data input and distributes it to 2 output ports via either RS422, RS232 and 5V TTL signal independently.

  • INT-0001 X210-DB 10 Channel Data Distribution Interface
  • INT-0005 X909-M 8-Channel Data Multiplexer
  • INT-0016 2-Channel Audio Combiner
  • INT-0032 X214-DB 14 Channel Data Buffer

SPU-0001 AMI X-LTE Extended Range 4G SystemX-LTE rectangle

This compact LTE broadband antenna extends the mobile Internet data connectivity range further offshore than any other 4G LTE system.

Affordable high-speed 4G is now available for data on coastal shipping via this lightweight antenna, ensuring data access up to 100 NM offshore.




VDR and S-VDR Spares

The X2 VDR Voyage Data Recorder is a Solid-State, high-performance technology system allowing for extreme reliability and an easy user experience.

The X2 Series of VDR exceeds regulations and is a convenient bridge monitoring tool which allows real-time viewing of all voyage data.

  • DSP-0020 9.7″ Touch Screen Display for the X2 VDR/S-VDR 5
  • CAP-0003 TRON40 Float Free Capsule
  • REM-0001 Remote Alarm Unit for X2272 23

Other spares available

  • AIS-0001 AIS100 Receiver – NMEA HS Output 1 
  • DSP-0011 v2 – 8.4″ Touch Screen LCD – RS232 / VGA / 9 to 32V 2 
  • DSP-0018 v3 – 8.4″ Touch Screen LCD – RS232 / VGA / 9 to 32V 2 
  • INT-0003 X903-P – Synchro Retransmission Interface 1 
  • INT-0004 X903-X6 – Synchro Retransmission Interface 1 
  • INT-0026 BME65800720-1 – Sperry Radar VGA Interface 2 
  • INT-0033 X141-M – Data Combiner – 14 Input – 1 Output 2
  • MEU-0005 GEOLOG Main Electronics Unit 10 –
  • PSU-0001 APC Smart-UPS – 750VA / 500 Watt – 230V 1 
  • PSU-0002 PICO PSU – 12V – 120W (Legacy) 8 
  • PSU-0003 PICO PSU – 12/24V – 120W 3
  • PSU-0004 X400 – 1x 115V 50Hz Input to 1x 115V 400Hz Output 4 

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