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SMIDS MKIII is coming soon!
SHIPS MOVEMENT INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEM for accurate and safe navigation SMIDS MKIII is Commercial Maritime’s most economic and accurate SDME (Speed Distance Measuring Equipment) system using state of the art technology to provide vessel Distance to Berth and Course Prediction options. Uses high accuracy, multi-constellation GNSS. A Transmitting Heading Device (THD), with an integral GNSS heading sensor. (Approvals Pending) Recall previously visited berth locations. Full-colour touch screen graphical user interface. A GNSS Positioning Device (Approvals Pending). A Primary or Secondary Heading Device (Approvals Pending). Predictive Berthing Assistance. ‘At a glance’ key information in a single location, with integration to 3rd party equipment. SMIDS MKIII - DSP-0032 15.6 2 Why should you install the new SMIDS MKIII? Reduce docking and departure times. Reduce carbon emissions. Increase ship safety with reduction to risk of damage to vessel, berth and crew. Intuitive, simple user interface. Simple retrofit installation on the move, with no interruption to the ship’s voyage. Cost-effective solutions to statutory requirements for secondary equipment (heading, positioning and SDME). Future option to allow Remote Access to recorded voyage data. Playback Software included. SMIDS MKIII - DSP-0032 15.6 Approvals* IEC 60945:2002. Marine Speed and Distance Measuring Equipment (SDME) – IEC 61023:2007. GPS Receiver Equipment – IEC 61108-1. ISO 22090-3:2014, Transmitting Heading Device (THD). *Pending approval test completion. Benefits of the SMIDS MKIII Globally reliable, accurate and unaffected by debris in river/estuary water, disturbed silt, or cavitation. Stern, Bow and Midships distance to berth information to assist with berthing. Predictive Course indication. Displays and logs voyage time and total distance travelled. The SMIDS MKIII is accurate to 0.01knot for speed and has an increased accuracy with 10 Hz velocity measurements. Redundancy in position and heading measurement. Distance data in addition to velocity data. No equipment is required dockside. SMIDS MK III combines features that take it beyond being only an SDME device. It is a trusted and proven solution, with the benefit of having no vessel downtime when installing. All features and specifications are preliminary and are subject to change without notice. The approvals mentioned are currently underway and in the final stages of testing. The SMIDS MKIII is coming soon. If you would like more information, please contact us today. or call +44(0)2380 480450

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