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BNWAS announcement

Due to changes in BAM compliance, the AMI Marine X150 and X810 BNWAS systems are currently not certified for new installations. 

Previously installed systems can continue to be maintained well into the future without concern, with spares and repairs permitted to continue as usual.

Expired Certifications

Please note that the LR Module B and D certificates have expired on AMI Marine BNWAS systems, and this certification is currently under review for renewal in the near future. We will ensure that customers are updated continually on AMI BNWAS approval status. 

What happens next?

AMI Marine is currently looking at BAM compliance for the X150 BNWAS system. We are working with our partner suppliers to continue providing BNWAS solutions.

Please click HERE to view the Le guardian BNWAS.


If you have any concerns related to BNWAS regulations and any AMI Marine BNWAS, please get in touch with us at +44(0)2380 480 450 or by emailing


You can view the AMI BNWAS spares HERE.

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For more information on BNWAS announcement talk to AMI Marine (UK) Ltd

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