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Maintaining hanging baskets
It’s one of our favourite times of the year here at Amberol. The sun is out (some of the time) and the streets, parks and gardens are awash with colour. We love to see our containers filled with blooms, shrubs and edible plants and hanging baskets are a particular favourite, adding variety and colour to any street or building. However, hanging baskets do have a reputation for being difficult to maintain as they dry out so quickly. That’s why we made sure to include some hanging baskets in our self-watering containers range. Your summer hanging baskets may look glorious at the moment, but it’s important to maintain them well to ensure that they last the summer. If you don’t have any Amberol self-watering hanging baskets, you will need to water your basket every day in the warmer weather unless the compost is wet. However, Amberol hanging baskets need only be watered once or twice a week - they don’t leak and the soil will maintain optimum moisture. Tips for maintenance include deadheading flowers regularly so they grow well and look their best. Deadheading is important to ensure that all the plant’s energy resources are directed into flowering rather than creating more seeds. Applying a liquid fertiliser once a week can also help to ensure your plants stay healthy and continue to grow throughout the summer months. Finally, it’s important to keep an eye out for the usual garden pests. Although they are high up, your hanging basket blooms are still susceptible to slugs and snails as well as aphids. “Hanging baskets can transform even the greyest buildings or concrete areas and perfectly complement flower beds and containers on the ground,” comments Patience Atkinson-Gregory of Amberol. “It’s relatively easy to create stunning cascade of flowers with a variety of core and trailing plants, whilst self-watering containers really help to minimise maintenance.”

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