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Container tips – preparing planters for cold weather
Containers offer flexibility, control and mobility, making it easier to grow a wide variety of plants of all sizes anywhere. As the colder weather sets in, it’s important to prepare your containers for the winter. Tip 1. Protect planters from frost by covering them with bubble wrap or sheeting during cold snaps. All Amberol’s containers are double walled and so are better insulated against extreme temperatures. Tip 2. Overwatering is a problem in winter so water plants sparingly. To prevent waterlogging, raise containers on feet or shelter them from the rain. If using Amberol’s self-watering containers you can bypass this step as our containers only take in the water needed. Tip 3. There are many plants that will grow well in containers throughout the winter. Shrubs such as heathers and hebe combine well with bedding plants, such as winter flowering pansies, polyanthus and dwarf wallflowers. Add ivy or evergreen shrubs for foliage, if required. Tip 4. Herbs grow really well in containers. If you are growing sage, oregano or thyme, you should cut out any dead wood and remove any weeds that have grown around their base. Trim off dead flower heads but don’t prune too low down the stems as new shoots won’t deal well with frost. All Amberol’s containers are all made from recyclable polyethylene to withstand winter weather so your garden, town centre, playground or park can look good all year round. Happy planting!

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