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How Partition Walls can Maximise your Office Space
Partition walls are ideal for totally changing the spaces in your office and are an affordable, easy-to-install solution that can provide meeting rooms, storage spaces and other additional facilities for staff, from kitchens to washrooms and toilets. In the current economic climate, it might be the smartest way to give your company premises the uplift it needs, without a costly move or large, expensive refurb. Whether your office needs a complete design overhaul to transform the way it looks or you’re simply looking to make your available space more functional, partition walls could be the answer. What is a partition wall? Partition walls are non-permanent divider walls that are typically non-load bearing, installed to section off separate spaces within a building. Whilst partition walls can be installed in domestic buildings, they are most common in commercial and industrial settings. Partitions can be constructed from an array of materials. For instance, a stud wall can be created from a composite, plasterboard-bonded material or steel. Steel walls are constructed from either single or double skin steel, mesh and come in both half and fully glazed options. These types of partition walls are more permanent and whilst they can be moved, it will require some upheaval. Non-permanent partitioning is another option, often only half-height rather than full-elevation form. The latter kind of partition walls are much more flexible in terms of moving them around. The six main benefits of installing partition walls in your office 1. Glass walls There are many reasons why glass is an ideal material for your office partition wall. It maximises natural light, which can help keep the cost of artificial lighting down. Glass partitions also make for a positive and attractive workspace, as they maintain the impression of open space and allow the office to feel airy and spacious whilst still reducing ambient noise, which may distract your team from their work. With glass partitions, you can see how your team is working without disturbing employees as they work, for instance, if someone doesn’t want to be disturbed because they’re on a call or in a meeting. Glass partitioning can create a greater sense of team community, as staff can see one another even if they can’t necessarily talk. 2. Aesthetics Partition walls can be as unique as your company. The materials you choose to design with can give your business space a stylish, modern feel. If you have solid walls, you can colour match them to your brand or opt for a neutral theme with a pop of colour. 3. Affordability and functionality Adding partitions into your office can create new spaces and a whole new vibe without having to uproot and move your whole company, with the downtime and much greater costs that this can involve. They are cheaper than permanent, load-bearing walls and by sectioning off parts of your building, you’ll only have to pay for heating and lighting in smaller sections of the building, saving your energy bill valuable dividends. You can create spaces that you need for the present and, without enormous cost, move them in the future to alter them for different needs. 4. Privacy Some of your team may feel uncomfortable in large, open-space offices, and for the benefit of staff wellbeing, you might like to create smaller rooms that can be used for less public meetings, and where staff can take confidential phone calls if necessary. If you opt to use glass for your meeting spaces, you might like to consider adding a frosted layer to maintain a sense of privacy without compromising on natural light and the sense of airy spaciousness. 5. Noise Reduction A large, open-plan office can feel noisy and allows sound to echo around more easily. By installing an office partition wall, you can help to reduce the acoustics of background noise enabling your team to focus more clearly in a more effective working environment. 6. Sustainability Creating new areas within your building using partitions is much more sustainable than traditional, permanent constructions, which tend to require a selection of new materials. This is because partition walls require fewer materials and can be constructed using more recycled and recyclable materials – all of which helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your business. Partition screens Partition screens are often used to divide a large, open-plan space into modular sections. Rather than installing full-length, floor-to-ceiling partitions, screens or half-height partition walls, partition screens can be used to create separate desk spaces to create a modern, sleek aesthetic. Moreover, because they are lightweight and easy to move, they provide a flexible solution to dynamic work environments, enabling you to rearrange them at will. This type of partitioning gives employees some privacy and helps to improve productivity since the noise reduction it creates can boost concentration, without the total separation of staff into disparate office spaces. Maximise your office space with a partition wall installation from Advantage When considering an office partition wall for your business, you want a team you can trust to help you with the installation. With extensive experience in designing and installing partition wall solutions we can help you plan your space to meet your business requirements and budget. From initial planning meetings and CAD designs through to installation, all the way down to décor and furnishings, our turnkey specialists have got you covered. We work with your teams to minimise potential downtime and disruption or ensure you meet your project timelines. Get in touch with one of the team and see how partitions can transform your space quickly and cost-effectively.

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