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Design supply and install of a storage mezzanine with a partitioned storeroom for a supplier of EMC shielding, thermal management and environmental protection for electronic and electrical equipment. The Challenge The company needed additional storage space and a new machine, which meant the mezzanine floor needed to be designed around the machine allowing access to the top for feeding. The underside had to be enclosed to provide a certain level of noise insulation to reduce the transference across the space. They also needed the ability to load and unload materials on to the mezzanine. The Solution The team designed a storage mezzanine with a partitioned storeroom, including an up and over pallet gate and a central cutout in the floor of the mezzanine providing access to the top of the machine. The partitioning below was stud plasterboard which concealed the machine and reduced the noise levels while the machine was running. The staircase was designed and installed inline with Part K of Building Regulations to allow access for employees. These regulations are a legal requirement to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose. We work closely with all our customers from the outset to ensure their mezzanine is designed to meet the business’s needs and budget. All our mezzanine floors and other solutions are designed to meet building control regulations and where relevant come with a CE mark certification. We always offer to manage building control regulations but ultimately that is at the discretion of the customer. Picking a partner that will walk you through the legalities is key in ensuring your installation is safe and efficiently designed and fitted. Talk to one of of the team to start transforming or maximising your office or industrial space.

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