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Museum, Worcestershire The advantage was requested to help improve this museum’s storage facilities. The museum had a requirement for a significantly increased storage capacity, having been encouraged to work in partnership with other local authority museums in the region to form a combined Resource Centre. The new Resource Centre would provide a larger collection of specific artefacts stored in one location, allowing Museum Society Members, Researchers, Schools and other Museums to view the expanded collection on one site. Rooms with a controlled environment were built, not only for archaeology as in the previous store but also for furniture, costume and ethnography. Within this larger store, space was made available for agricultural vehicles and a mobile museum. From the early planning stages for this new Resource Centre, Advantage worked closely with the Museum’s Project Team, supplying static shelving and pallet racking, including costume hanging rails, within the controlled environment rooms and a large mobile shelving installation in the open storage area. The mobile shelving provided 198 bays of adjustable shelving, 3.5m high and 11 bays deep, running on a surface-mounted track with floor infill. The bays were supplied in alternate 1000 and 900mm widths to suit the existing artefact boxes of all the museums involved. We later installed two storage mezzanines linked by a central staircase to expand capacity at the Resource Centre yet further to accommodate the growing collection.

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