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Why Retaking A Levels Is a Great Solution

Retaking A Levels

All students expect to pass their A-Level exams, which is obvious. But in some instances, the result is not what you expect. Failing your A Levels is disheartening, but it is not total doomsday because you can still enter university.

What to do if you fail your A Levels on your first try?

Remember that you have options that can be more beneficial as long as you show determination and commitment to pursue higher education. For example, you can retake your A Levels to take your desired course at a specific university.

Any student can resit their A Levels, although you might not be able to repeat them at your former school, according to your age and the school's regulations. Further, there is no age limit for A Levels retakes. You can also retake your A Levels as many times as you want. However, the new regulations say that you cannot choose the modules you want to retake if you fail the exams. So today, you need to retake the whole exam.

Why should you resit your A-Level exams?

If you are not happy with the exam marks you got, or if you need to achieve a certain grade to meet the minimum requirement for further education, you might opt for a retake. Retaking your A-Level exams demonstrates your determination to have a university degree. It allows you to strengthen and develop your understanding of your chosen A-Level course and attain better results.

Moreover, you also gain several benefits:

• Become eligible for further education

• Have a better choice of university or sixth form

• Build the foundation requirements for your preferred industry

• Improve your applications for apprenticeships and jobs

• Add more merit to your CV

• Gain more career choices

• Possibility of higher income

Do universities accept A-Level retakes?

If you want to enter Oxford, you can still apply after resitting your A Levels. Other universities also accept A-Level retakes and consider it a sign of a student's commitment and strength. Further, it shows you have dedication and know what you plan to pursue.

But you will also find that certain universities require an explanation of why you need to retake your A Levels. They expect to know the extenuating circumstances of why you need to resit. Thus, asking your chosen university about their guidelines on accepting retakes is important.

As usual, there are exceptions to the rule. Some highly competitive degrees, such as veterinary science and medicine, expect A-Level completion in two years. These degrees do not accept longer timeframes even if you get better marks on your retake. But, if you are set on getting a medical degree, you can still pursue it, although it will take longer. With higher marks on your retake, you may qualify for other science-based programs to help you get into medicine later.

So, is it worth retaking your A Levels? Yes, it is a good idea and a necessary step to attain your goal. But this time, you need to ensure you can achieve better grades. Therefore, review your first attempt and see what went wrong. Also, determine the options for studying for the retake, including enrolling in a tutorial college.


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