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Why Having Good Perimeter Security is Vital for Airports

Airports are extremely busy all the time, with people working throughout the day and night to provide services to those who are flying at all hours. These facilities run non-stop and have to be always be on their game in order to ensure every flight leaves and arrives on time and safely. And the managers of these airports need to take steps to ensure everyone's safety. After all, security can be tough to handle when there are so many people in such a large environment.
One of the many ways that airports can ensure the safety of their passengers and employees is by having excellent security. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of airport perimeter security, in particular.

The Current Problem with Airport Perimeters

The problem with many airports is the fact that their perimeter security is severely lacking. In fact, many of the airports around the world that claim to be secure only have a chain-link fence or equivalent as the boundary that protects their assets and the public from intruders and criminals. In these cases, it's easy for a person to jump the fence, get near or even onto the runway, or even get into a parked aircraft.
While airports have done a great job of increasing the level of security inside, there's still quite a lot to be done outside. After all, you can have all of the best security features inside the airport, but they won't matter if someone can easily breach the perimeter.

Miles of Perimeter to Cover

Many airports actually have miles of perimeter to secure. This makes it extremely difficult to cover every inch of the property and monitor it 24 hours a day. So, in addition to having some kind of security system in place along the perimeter, these airports should also have a better way to alert their staff members when a breach does occur, such as when someone climbs the fence and trespasses the property. This can be done with video surveillance systems.

Plenty of Solutions Available

Thankfully, there are businesses around the world that are constantly working on ways to provide higher levels of security throughout airports, including along the perimeter.
Thermal cameras are highly advanced surveillance cameras that can even detect movement at night. They quickly sound an alarm whenever an intruder is detected, thereby alerting the security staff right away so they can take action before the safety of passengers is compromised.
In addition to installing a high quality video surveillance system that can monitor activity at all hours of the day and night and capture clear images from a distance, airport managers can also invest in durable and highly secure electric sliding security gates that will be a much-needed improvement upon the old-fashioned and highly lacking chain-link fences that are currently installed in many airports.
Ultimately, airport staff would be wise to invest in a detection system, as well as an analytics tool, that has a video surveillance system in place to monitor activity throughout the perimeter. This will also help them identify false alarms and take action quickly.
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