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Why E-commerce Businesses Need Positive Testimonials to Succeed

There are thousands of businesses online selling the same products and services, so it’s important for e-commerce stores to get positive reviews to give them an advantage over their competitors. Getting positive ratings isn’t easy, but if an online store provides a good service there is no reason why customers won’t want to share what they thought about their experience.
It’s highly important for e-commerce businesses to have positive testimonials from their customers otherwise it’s likely they won’t succeed in whatever industry they are serving. Here are several reasons why it’s important for e-commerce businesses to get positive ratings from their customers.

Potential Customers Research Businesses in Search Engines

Any customer with a bit of internet knowledge will always research an online business before they put their money where their mouth is. Therefore, it’s important to give the brand a good name from the start because it only takes one negative review to put off a potential customer. If a potential customer researches an e-commerce business on Google and they are presented with multiple positive reviews of their service, you can be sure that business will have a good chance of landing another customer.

Positive Ratings Could Give Businesses More Chance of Landing New Partnerships

An e-commerce business not only relies on customers to keep the business afloat, but a business also needs partnerships with suppliers to ensure their profits are maximised. Suppliers don’t want to supply their branded products to online stores that can’t provide a good service to their customers otherwise it could give their products a bad name. Suppliers only want to deal with established businesses that have a proven record of providing good service.

Honest Reviews Can Help an Online Business Succeed

It’s possible for online businesses to register with popular review companies such as Trustpilot, Feefo, and the many others to get their clients to review their products and services honestly. These websites have scripts that can be implemented on a business website which shows their successful ratings so potential customers need not research them in the search engines.
This is a way for online businesses to be honest about their feedback whether it’s positive or negative. Big Warehouse Sale sells cheap carpets online, and they have had an excellent experience using Feefo to display their positive ratings for existing customers. So, whether you’re looking to sell cheap carpets or you are in a completely different industry, taking advantage of Feefo and Trustpilot could give you an advantage over your competitors because customers would rather deal with a business that is honest.
The fact is, all online businesses will have a handful of negative reviews no matter how good a service they provide because there are plenty of customers out there that are petty or have unfortunate experiences. With that being said, as long as your website is associated with the likes of Feefo and Trustpilot your customers will be able to read honest reviews and ratings so your business will have an advantage over your competitors.
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