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Why Are Phones so Fragile?

Smartphones. We need them for our day-to-day lives, but these phones have been quite fragile in the past few years. All it takes is one tiny drop, and the phone is cracked and rendered unusable, or at least difficult to use.

So, what's the deal? Let's give a few reasons why.

Your Phone Was Built To Need A Case

Sadly, this world of thin, fragile phones doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. While there have been some protection improvements, such as waterproof phones, a drop is still going to break your device.

Luckily, phone cases are here to help. Modern cases allow for better grip, protection against drops, and many come in a style that best suits your personality. Android and iPhone Cases are available to purchase for your phone type. 

Many manufacturers sell their own cases and don't bother making durable phones if they can get the customer to buy a case.

Don't leave home without them. A tight-fitting case will keep your phone protected for a long time.

Big Glass Screens = Big Problems

We love our big screens, but our obsession with them has left our phones vulnerable. With the old, bulky phones of the past, they could survive any drop. But thin phones with big screens only take one measly slight drop to crack.

We Like How Thin They Are

Phones that are thin and sleek have been popular for almost a decade.

We want a phone that won't fill our pockets, and we want something made from sleek materials. Aesthetics are all well and good, but the issue comes when you drop the phone, and it has no cushion to protect it. 

Sometimes, the sleek materials the phone is made from can cause it to slip from your hands, causing it to fall.

People Are Just Going to Buy a New Phone

Another reason manufacturers may not make their phones more durable is that it will not affect their bottom line.

When you drop a phone and break the screen, you don't have too many options. You can bring your phone in for a repair, but it costs half the price of the phone itself. At this point, many think it's more worth it to upgrade. 

If you have insurance, it always ends up not being able to cover your drop. And newer phones make it more difficult for you to repair them yourself.

That's why many people buy a new phone and try to be more mindful next time. Why should the manufacturers fix a system that's already broken? Planned obsolescence is a well-documented phenomenon. 

Even if you manage to keep your phone for years, certain apps may no longer work on it.


As we said, the fragile phone market does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon. 

Your best bet is buying solid cases and being mindful of how you use your devices and protect your investment. Don't let a single slip and drop be the end of your phone experience. 

Be sure to keep your phone protected to avoid its premature demise.

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