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What you need to have a good website

If you’re running your own business, you might be thinking of different ways to promote your brand further to get more customers. One of the options you may be thinking of is to get a website to showcase your products and services online. Do you know how to do that effectively, though?
There are several features your website must have to ensure it is a success - you don’t want to put in all that effort only for it to not portray your business in a good light. If you have these features on your site, then you’re more likely to get the increase in business that you’re hoping for.
It must fulfil intent
The one job that your website has is to serve information to the user. A good website gives the user details that they want when they ask for it, as quickly and as easily as possible.
So the user may want to learn about your services and products; it could be they want to find out more about your company, or maybe it’s that they want to learn more about a subject you’ve written about. No matter what it is, anything that impedes their goal will make your website a bad one and will not encourage return business.
It must look good
A good website will look attractive and professionally designed. The more visually pleasing a site is, the more people will be inclined to focus on the content.
People don’t trust sites that are unattractive or poorly constructed - they may even think you’re a scammer. If you don’t feel confident in creating your own website then you may want to hire a professional web design company Birmingham to make sure that your website looks professional.
It must be easy to navigate
A decent website will have a clear navigational structure. This is where menu items and sub-items are logically organised, and nothing is hidden so users can easily figure out how to find the details that they need on your site.
It may be that low-quality websites have hidden pages that aren’t listed on a menu, or are on secondary menus that are difficult to find. Another problem may be that sub-items aren’t listed where you might expect them to be on a menu. This makes for a poor user experience and will put potential customers off your business altogether.
It gives a great user experience on all devices
Many people use their mobile phones or portable computers to access the internet, so its important your website is optimised to display correctly on all devices. This should include laptops, smartphones, tablets  as well as other items. A website built using a responsive design will provide the best user experience because the site will adapt to the size and shape of the device on which it is being viewed. It also only needs to be developed once.
You must use a reliable host
Good website hosting is all about speed - will it let your site act fast and pages run smoothly? Will operators get back to you quickly with solutions to issues? Bad hosting will mean that your website will fail at a point when you need it, so work with a host that is both reliable and fast.

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