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What to Know About the Gaylord Boxes

Since the time of their initial conception Gaylord boxes have served many different purposes. These boxes have some very special features that make them highly valued. For this reason, many different companies will bid high to repurpose used Gaylord boxes that are simply too well-made to quit.


Gaylord boxes from The Gaylord Box Exchange are known for their exceptional durability. This durability is largely due to their construction that is suitable to accommodating a wide variety of objects. So, if you are looking for a storage option with considerable tensile strength, a Gaylord Box is a great option. Gaylord boxes are not always constructed to meet industrial standards. Nevertheless, they have the carrying capacity of over 1000 lbs.

Most often, these top-quality boxes are used to ship and deliver objects from place to place. They also have the strength and carrying capacity to be used as bulk bins if necessary. These tough boxes are typically made of granular materials that improve the durability of these high-quality products.

These boxes are also used extensively in the plastics industry, food packing and agricultural industries. There are many different types and purposes of Gaylord boxes and they can be applied in many different industries in the grades and specifications needed. Some used Gaylord boxes can be found that are palletized with 20 to 25 boxes at the skid. But these are not always available and you will need to contact your provider directly to determine availability. Furthermore, you will want to place your order as soon as you can to avoid having to wait for the next window of opportunity. There are also some that come in stacks of 5 layers but they can be a little costly.

Getting the right size:

Gaylord has a proud history of being the first name in sturdy transport units and has managed to always outsell the competition. The attention to detail and pursuit of excellence is evident in the packaging that can be as much as 5 times as large as the whatever will be shipped within held within. But this is essential in ensuring a top-rated service.

The reason for these extensive dimensions is that there is a considerable amount of space is that 30% to 50% of the space within is empty packing space that will hold whatever needs to be relocated. This space may also be filled with a certain amount of packing peanuts or bubble wrap. There is some evidence that suggests that this extensive packaging system is even more resource efficient as less materials are used to provide maximum security and strength for the box.

What this means is that Gaylord shipping options are among the most favored as they provide the most tailor-made and efficient option for the needs of the customer.


Throughout the extensive range of Gaylord products, there are some that are more popular. For example, the three-ply options. These come in a rectangular shape and have flaps that are especially reinforced so as to form its very own pallet. The outermost walls of the box are also fluted to ensure special support. These can be Fluted and C-Fluted depending on the needs of the load being carried. These also ensure that weight is distributed evenly throughout the box. The centralized distribution of weight is one of the most important benefits of this product and ensures the structural integrity of the packaging and the product being shipped are not compromised. It also allows for easy stacking of these boxes.

Price — those these boxes feature a special design and engineering that make them well-suited to their purpose, they are also available at a very competitive price. For example, recycled 3-ply boxes are available and are almost the same as the 2-ply options. Three-ply boxes are also much easier to find than the 2-ply option. 3-Ply cardboard is especially durable due to its special design. These are also repaired and restored with new cardboard.

There are also boxes that feature quality HPT 41 that can be requested. This is an attractive build for a box that will be used to transport. The special construction of this type of box adds another measure of tensile strength to these boxes is worthy of applause. As you may imagine, these boxes are always a little more costly than the other options available. But for the considerable amount of advantages they provide, most people consider them the best option.


Many people will be wondering why anyone would ever have to look any further than the two-ply box as these are already a formidable storage unit. The primary advantage is the vast selection of sizes and dimensions that make the 3-ply box an especially attractive option. It also means that the 2-ply option is more easily stocked than the rest. Also, the eight-sided orientation allows for maximum storage capacity no matter the shape or irregular dimension of whatever is being stored within. Another benefit that can be found from these 3-ply options is that they are available in a larger variety of flute combinations available for a box. All in all, it is the three-ply options that are the best in options in the greatest number of situations.


Marketing programs have conducted many surveys to determine why sellers require boxes in an effort to make sure we have the best solution to every situation. We have found that sellers of all types require the quality and variety of boxes available from Gaylord Boxes. The most frequent use we have found is when these boxes are used for packing the most fragile and heaviest items for proper safe shipping. This can include TVs, Refrigerators, and other especially heavy furnishings. Furthermore, these boxes can be made available in any size or shape that is needed. They can also be printed with the brand and logo of the seller in question and be use tin a wide variety of wholesale and retail situations.

There are infinite number of situations where a sturdy delivery item is needed. It you have high-value items or items that are especially heavy and need to be relocated without being damaged, Gaylord boxes is the best option for your needs. You will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your items are in the best possible and that all the packaging you require can be ordered and promptly delivered. This is the delivery system that removes hassles and problems and makes your operations appear more professional.

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