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What PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is Right for Your Company

Using a choice of PLC programming languages, a PLC will help you take control of, and adjust, any automated systems you may have, leading to greater efficiency and cost savings for your company. Trying to choose the correct PLC for your business may not be something that you want to be doing without any knowledge (click here for an in depth look at PLCs), and seeking the advice of manufacturers is probably the wisest way to make your decision. However, understanding the basic requirements you will need will give you a little more confidence over the PLC you choose, and here are a few of the things that you are going to have to think about for your Programmable Logic Controller.

Replacing an old system

Obviously, if you have a current system in place, it would be a good idea to use the same manufacturer. This will ensure that your new PLC will be compatible with the system you currently use, and will make the whole process easier.

Input /Output

Any new PLC that is to be installed will need to be able to handle the number of inputs and outputs that your processes will require; so check with the manufacturer that your controller is capable of handling the workload, and have extra input/output ports for future expansion. Also make sure there are analogue ports if you require them.

Programming Language

Not all units are able to use all the PLC Programme languages available, in fact, many are language specific. This means that you need to be sure the unit you buy will be able to communicate with the software you are going to use. Your choice of language will also depend on the level of instructions that it will need to control. If you need a higher level, make sure the language can support it. If you want to know more detail about PLC languages, their functions, and how they work click on this link.


This is a vital part of any PLC module, and you should try to have as much memory as you can. This will mean that your controller will be able to manage any additional tasks you need it for in the future.

Processing Speed

Again, this is vital to your system as you will need your software and processes to be running as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This means that you will need processors capable of the speeds you require.


If you are going to have special requirements, such as, counters, clocks, casings, a built in alarm screen, or even a touch screen, using modules like the Unitronics Vision range will give you flexibility over some areas of these special requirements.


Not all controllers will be suitable for extreme environments, though some can be adapted to be so. If the environment will be dusty, becomes unusually hot or cold, is prone to high moisture levels, or even suffers from vibration, you will need to choose a unit that will be able to withstand the conditions and environment.
Investing in Programmable Logic Controllers has been a sound choice for countless thousands of businesses; just make sure you make the right choice when you buy one.
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