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What is the right colour for your CV or resume?

Traditionally, a black and white CV or resume was considered the most professional and appropriate way to present yourself to a prospective employer. However, with many of the recent technological advances and economic developments, things have changed. It’s not always easy to create your own CV without a little help. You can find some basic templates online, but if you’re looking to create the best possible CV to help you achieve your professional goals, sometimes you need a little extra help. You can find amazing solutions for all your business needs, and using this Canva discount code can get you a discount too.
As we’ve mentioned, the days of black and white paper versions are being replaced with more modern ones, often viewed and considered exclusively online, without even being printed. This means that any potential job seeker or an employee searching for a new opportunity or promotion is in a highly competitive situation. So it’s more important than ever to make your CV stand out. Read on to find out some tips and ideas to get you started.
The first reason to take the time to seriously consider colour schemes and designs when it comes to creating your CV is that you need to make sure it stands out among hundreds of others that recruiting employees will be bombarded with. While the final decision is obviously out of your hands, you can make their job easier by providing a CV that is appropriate for the position you are applying for or the company that will receive it.
Colours & Design
●  While colours can’t replace any missing qualifications or relevant experience, they can have a huge impact on your CV.
●  Bright or overly bold colours can be off putting, so it’s best to avoid these. At the same time, colours that are too weak or vague (when used against a white background) can create confusion for reasons identifying the key points.
●  The style and colour regime of your CV may vary according to your specific line of profession, or the particular role for which you are applying so considering this is important before you get started.
●  One of the best ways to use colour in your document is to combine 3 colours for 3 different purposes. One of the easiest ways to approach this is to use black, white (against a coloured background) and the third is your personal choice of colour.
●  This combination will give you the primary and secondary colours to use as a base, and the dominant colour to create visual impact and highlight the most relevant points.
●  There’s a whole load of psychology behind colours and their representation of our personalities, check out this link for more details.
●  To simplify things, we can narrow this down to 4 main colours that you can then apply to your CV, altering the intensity if necessary.
RED can represent a competitive, adventurous and outgoing personality, but don’t forget that a bold shade may seem too aggressive.
GREEN suggests qualities like attention to detail and a calm and collected approach.
YELLOW evokes the image of someone with attention to detail, good analytical skills and also a serious, practical and responsible attitude.
BLUE expresses an enthusiastic, compassionate and helpful personality, as well as confidence, imagination.
●  In terms of design, the key objectives here are to make sure that it is clear and concise and not overloaded with unnecessary or irrelevant information. Make it short and to the point.
●  If the text is too small, poorly laid out or uses unusual fonts, the chances are that it will go straight to the bottom of the pile. You can avoid this by following the tips explained in this article.
Possibilities of designs and colour schemes are endless, so we help you’ve found these ideas and tips useful to get you started. Selecting the right one could be the difference between getting your dream job and achieving your professional goals.
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