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What Do New Betting Sites Offer Over Established Sites?

With so many betting sites available to UK punters, it can be difficult to know which to choose and why. Of course, many are drawn to use established sites such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Mansion, thanks in large part to familiarity and the fact they know they can trust the site they’ve signed up for. 


But every year, more and more betting sites register with the UK Gambling Commission and offer punters lots of new features and great offers they might not find on more established platforms. In this post, we look at some of the reasons why you might consider signing up for new betting sites.

Excellent signup offers and ongoing promotions. 


In order to get the best out of online betting, it’s a good idea to open accounts at a variety of sportsbooks and casinos. The main reason for this is to ensure you’re able to access as many enticing signup offers as possible. According to some of the options seen on FindBettingSites, newly registered sites tend to offer exceptional value to new customers and boast extremely lucrative signup offers and welcome bonuses. 


You will also notice that signing up to new sites gives you the opportunity to extract more ongoing promotions and benefit from unique site features and customer reward programs. The more accounts you have, the more offers and bonuses you can access. 


Huge selection of sports and markets. 


Another way in which new betting sites look to attract clients is by offering a huge variety of sports and markets. While this is also the case on many established sites too, you will find that every site offers unique markets and offers great value on certain sports. 


When you’ve registered with a new site and operate your account alongside your existing profiles on other sites, you will have a huge selection of sports and markets to choose from and should be able to bet on almost any sport imaginable.


User-friendly interface & improve graphics.


As technology and web design advance, punters are treated to betting sites that boast much more user-friendly interfaces than some of the more traditional platforms. Obviously, this makes gambling online much more enjoyable and creates a more immersive online betting experience. 


For sites that offer slots and other casino games, improved graphics make the betting experience more like gambling in a real land-based casino. As you might imagine, this in itself attracts more punters, who are always on the lookout for more interactive online experiences. 


Fully integrated mobile apps.


Punters aren’t just content with betting online while they’re at home. If someone wants to place a bet on a football match they’re attending or fancies playing some online slots while on their lunch break, they want to enjoy their proffered betting site through an app on their mobile device. 


New betting sites ensure that their games and markets are fully accessible from mobile devices, and are more common than not, are able to be accessed through a fully integrated app that can be downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play Store.


More payment options.


Another benefit of new betting sites over their more established counterparts is the range of payment options they offer their customers. In addition to debit card transactions, punters can also deposit and withdraw funds via a number of e-wallets and other payment methods. 


 Some new sites even offer their customers the chance to load their accounts with cryptocurrency, which is appealing for those wishing to remain anonymous online. You will find that most new betting sites offer a broad range of payment options, making it easier than ever for punters to deposit and withdraw funds.


A word of caution.


While you can enjoy a range of benefits by signing up to new online betting sites, you need to first do your due diligence before registering with a site. Always ensure they’re registered with a regulatory body [such as the UK Gambling Commission] and always check that the site is secure and legitimate. It’s best to look for some independent customer reviews of the site before signing up. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and take your business elsewhere.


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