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What are the emerging trends in the cleaning industry?

Data released in June 2020 reveals the European cleaning industry turned over €120 billion over the previous five years – a growth rate of 8%. Employment has also risen 15% - to the tune of more than four million people.

And in the UK, 2021 research from the British Cleaning Council found that the sector contributed more than £55 million to the country’s economy in 2018 and accounted for approximately 5% of the nation’s workforce.

So, it’s clearly an industry on the rise but just like any other, it has to move with the times. That means harnessing the emerging trends in order to ensure it continues to make great strides forward. But what exactly are these trends? Read on to find out more.

Green cleaning

With such a huge societal focus on the issue of climate change and the impact we’re having on our surroundings, this is something that the industry must tackle. That’s why we’re seeing an increased demand for green cleaning services, which use more environmentally friendly substances in place of hazardous and poisonous chemicals.

Specialised services

There is plenty of scope for development across more niche areas of the industry – whether that be working on unusual surfaces, in healthcare facilities or in biohazard cleaning. And in that latter example, employees will need to have the appropriate equipment such as disposable gloves.

Packaging tax

The packaging tax came into force in the UK in April 2022, as a means to incentivise companies to use recycled and recyclable materials instead of plastic. A lot of cleaning products use plastic packaging, so many businesses may have to adjust their strategies accordingly or risk paying a hefty financial duty as the alternative.

New technology

Ultraviolet-C (UVC) technology has a huge part to play in the future of the industry as it has a number of uses including for disinfection against the rise of so-called ‘superbugs’. Some of these bugs are adapting to become resistant to traditional antibiotics, but UVC rays help to break down the molecular bonds which make up the DNA of these bacteria.

We are also in the early stages of seeing wearable tech such as powered exoskeletons, which can help to limit the effects of strenuous manual labour. These exoskeletons can provide robust support for the back as well as relieve tension.

Covid cleaning

Even though the worst of the pandemic and the restrictions have passed, the Covid outbreak continues to leave a lasting legacy on all industries. That includes an increased focus on cleanliness across premises and facilities, which means further opportunities for cleaning businesses. Not so much an emerging trend in 2022, but one that certainly looks set to continue for years to come.

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