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Welcome to the brand new Find the Needle website

Welcome to the brand new Find the Needle website we hope you like it! We have made lots of changes and the site has been heavily optimised in the back end with new Google guide lines in mind.

Please do login to your account and have a look around as there are new features that can be added. You can now have direct links through to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and YouTube accounts. The ability to have your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts feeding through information to us is still available too.

Having listened to our clients a lot have requested that they can had extra tabs for services and blogs. We've gone further than this and you can now add as many tabs as you desire.

Another new feature is the ability to change the background theme of your Find the Needle listing. This could be an image of your choice or you could select a solid colour. The text colour can be changed to any colour you like to suit the colour or image you have chosen.

The company logo now has a larger area and pixel size as again from client requests this makes the logo look as it should, crisp and clear.

If you would like any of these new features explained in more detail or how to use them please contact your account manager or speak to Simon Harris on 01376 311141, or email
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