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Web Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

The web designing process is tricky because of the factors and elements that the designer and developer need to consider. As web design trends change each year, it becomes necessary to see what you can do to ensure that your site keeps up with the trend.

If you want upgrade your website or develop a new one, consider these design trends coming up this 2022. 

Home page without any image

Images speak volumes, according to many people. But you can still deliver plenty of impact with the clever use of text, graphics, and colours. Sometimes, you do not need photos to make a statement. With an image-free home page, you are expressing a strong message. You want to state that you are different and want to break free from the norm. You can achieve this with a solid background colour and bold, impressive typeface. Explore more techniques using hover states, interactive elements, and animations. 

Optimistic and fun elements

In contrast to the above, another web design trend that is already enjoying popularity is the use of happy, smiling faces, exciting colour combinations, and funky shapes. Designers are already using the style for several sites, from e-commerce to portfolio sites. The design is a move to inject some happiness and optimism. Choose colours that represent positivity, and pair them with exciting fonts, lighter typefaces and plenty of happy faces.

Black and white theme

There is something classic and edgy when you use a black and white colour scheme. The design delivers the most beautiful yet stark simplicity. It may look intimidating, but it also allows the design to be free and creative, and with the use of the proper techniques and effects, the aesthetic appeal would be utterly stunning. This scheme aims to achieve simplicity, which is likewise one of the website trends this year. However, following trends is not simple. Thus, it is essential to work with a web design Oxford firm like with the experience and comprehensive portfolio if you are developing a new website or want to upgrade your current site to make it trendier. 

Bigger pointers

You will find many websites where the pointer gets lost in the design elements. For 2022, the trend is to use bigger pointers or mouse hovers, which the user can only see when engaging with the design. In addition, the trend is to use a big pointer that will move around the screen, which can change colour or expand its size when it hovers on an element the user can click. 

3D design elements 

Websites need to load within two seconds to convince a visitor to stay. Therefore, the design elements should be lightweight and optimised for faster loading, especially images. For 2022, instead of using full 3D designs, the emerging trend is to integrate 3D elements with a flatter tone. You can achieve the 3D effect using animations, motions, shadows, and layer effects to create dimension and depth to enhance the visual impact. 

There is a long list of website design trends for 2022, from the simplest to the most exciting, intriguing, and highly creative styles. But what matters the most is ensuring that the design you choose fits and reflects the characteristics of your brand. 



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