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Ways To Write Essays Faster And Be Better In Exams

There are two things that students don’t like a lot, writing essays and passing exams. And now, let’s imagine that you have to write an essay as a part of your exam. Some students would be desperate. When an essay is a home task, you can take your time, try to find some samples or, if you understand that you can’t do something yourself, you can just look for some reliable services, like, for example, SpeedyPaper writing service, and make an order. Of course, we highly recommend reading reviews; for example, you can find speedy paper review current information on any platform, and they will help you to confirm your choice.

But when it’s about an exam, when you have to write an essay in class, then it’s absolutely the other case. Here are some tips on how to be quick and more efficient.


Read the task carefully

Don’t be in a hurry. In order to write something nice, you have to understand what you have to do. So, it is very important to understand what kind of paperwork you are supposed to write; it can be an essay or a review, the number of words, and the topic, of course. So don’t even think about skipping or being inattentive when reading the task because you can ruin your exam yourself.


Don’t break standard rules; always write a plan

Sometimes when you understand that you have a limited time to write something, you might have a temptation to skip some basic and preparation moments, like writing a plan. But it is a very wrong idea that will give you nothing good. It goes without saying you have to write a plan. It will take a couple of minutes, and you can afford to spend the time on that. A plan will help you to make your essay more logical, and it will not look like a mess from different opinions that were randomly gathered together by accident. Just a couple of minutes and your professor will love it.


Time management is the best quality to have when you write essays

In this paragraph, we would like to remind you that, basically, you have to think about managing the time twice. You have to be on time with your essay, but also with all the tasks that you have in an exam. That is why we recommend you look through the tasks and evaluate approximately the time you need to answer other questions, leaving yourself at least 40 minutes for an essay. If you can do the rest of the tasks quicker, then perfect, you will have additional time for checks or writing but never try to write an essay in less than 20 minutes; it might turn into a failed exam.


Write down the main evidence or ideas you have

Yes, we always recommend not rushing and remembering about the structure and the plan, but no one forbids you to write down some ideas, thoughts, or evidence that appeared in your head, for example, when doing the rest of the exam. Writing it down will save you time, and you will not struggle trying to remember what you want to say. Because this way you will lose even more time.


Don’t forget about the structure

For sure, it’s not a surprise for you as a student that any essay should have a structure; pretty common, actually, that works for almost all types of essays. And it’s not a secret for your professor as well. So when writing, it’s very important to stick to the structure even though you might have a temptation to mix everything and forget about the prepared plan. That is definitely not a good idea and will make your work look bad compared to others.


Don’t panic if you get stuck

Well, sometimes, it happens when you freeze, and your brain just cannot continue working. You are looking at a blank paper and don’t know what to do. When on campus, you can just have some rest or drink some coffee, but during an exam, it’s impossible, So the only way out you have is to stop for a minute or two and try to reload your brain. Think about something pleasant or relaxing, and after that, look at the topic once again. You will get at least one decent idea that will help you to write an essay and not fail the exam.


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