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Ways to Make Digital Signage Stand Out

Digital signage is relevant, and several companies use it to promote their brands. If you want to do the same, it's crucial that you come up with digital signage that stands out; otherwise, no one will even stop to look at it. You're wasting the chance to advertise, and you're giving it to other companies. These tips will ensure that the signage design will stand out the moment it's on a digital kiosk display.
Use colours
Don’t be afraid to use colours. Most digital signage looks better at night when the backlights are on. People see colourful and bright lights wherever they go. Therefore, they will only stop and see one that is captivating and unique. Dull signage with unappealing colours will not entice anyone even to bother.
Find interesting images
Look for exciting photos that people will love. Instead of hiring professional models, you can look for regular people who are using your products. They are authentic and will appeal to many people. It’s easy to find professional models on billboards and posters. They don’t excite people anymore. When you use regular people, it will make anyone feel curious to see what the ad is about.
Don’t be too wordy
Limit the text in digital signage. You need to capture people with colours and images, not with text. If you want them to read tons of details, you can ask them to proceed to your website. Use a call to action that will make people act instantly. For instance, tell them that the promotion will be over soon. You can also indicate that the deal is on a first come, first served basis only. They will most likely find your store and start shopping.
Highlight the discount
People love discounts. Once they see the percentage sign that indicates a discount or those exclamation marks after the word sale, you can see their eyes glued to the ads to find out more details. Stay true to your promise though and avoid false advertising. Don’t exaggerate the discount and use small letters to say that it’s only for members. You will turn people off. Once you break their trust, it will be difficult to win it back again.
Find the perfect location
Once you finish the design, the next step is to determine where you’re going to place the signage. You can’t have it next to the major companies. They will take the attention away from you. Find crowded places where there is not too much digital signage.
Meet with your marketing team to come up with ideas that will help make the signage stand out. You're going to spend money to put it up, especially when you're renting a kiosk. You don't want to spend it on an effort that doesn't have a massive return.
Observe how people react to the signage. If you think it does nothing to attract them, you need to change the design or move on to other marketing tools.

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