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Vidalux sells premium necessities, which customers are willing to spend money on

Over recent years, a number of high-profile brands have run into serious trouble (for example, Marks and Spencer) or folded completely (for example Arcadia).  At the same time disruptive, upstart brands such as Vidalux, have been doing very well and successfully engaging the hearts, minds and wallets of today’s generation of consumes.  In fact, Vidalux is massively bucking the trend of fighting for business on the basis of rock-bottom prices and showing clearly that customers are willing to pay for premium quality.  Andrew Ellis, founder of Vidalux, puts the company’s success down to five factors.

Vidalux sells premium necessities, which customers are willing to spend money on

“We hit peak stuff a long time ago.” says Andrew Ellis.  “If you look on the internet, you’ll find masses of content on the likes of hygge and minimalism and decluttering, in fact decluttering content is huge.  The reason is that a lot of people have long since realized that they simply have too much stuff and they need to get rid of it rather than bring in more of it.  At the same time, however, they do still need to keep buying necessities and since they’re saving money by buying less stuff as a whole, they have more disposable funds to make key purchases, like new showers and baths.”.

Vidalux is exactly in tune with modern principles of health and wellness

“Self-care may be the defining trend of the foreseeable future.” predicts Andrew Ellis.  “In the old days, you got sick and you went to a doctor and got a prescription.  These days, people are much more aware of why they are getting sick and looking for ways to keep themselves healthy so they don’t have to rely on doctors and prescription medication.”.  Because of this, the humble bathroom shower has gone from being a place to get clean to being a private health-and-wellness centre.  “Steam showers and hydro showers both offer demonstrable health benefits, some of which are actually visible.” says Andrew Ellis.  “A normal shower will remove surface dirt but a steam shower or a hydro shower will really get your body’s systems moving, drawing out toxins to get your body really clean from the inside out, so you both look better and feel better.”.    

Vidalux has tailored the majority of its range to suit today’s smaller spaces

“Our range of whirlpool baths has a decent, niche following,” says Andrew Ellis, “but for most people Vidalux means top-of-the-range steam showers and hydro showers, which are often purchased by people who either don’t have space for a bath at all or who could, technically, fit in a bath but have decided that they’re rather use the floor space for other purposes.” 

“Here’s the thing about baths,” adds Andrew Ellis, “you can’t really use the vertical space on either side of them because you need to keep one side clear to get in and you have to be very, very careful there’s no danger whatsoever of anyone hitting their head on anything you fix to the other side of them.  This means that baths really do take up a lot more usable space than you might think from their stated dimensions.  People still love them, I love them, but realistically, these days you need a bigger than average bathroom to fit one in comfortably, especially if you want or need storage as well.  Showers, by contrast, have a much smaller footprint and so really open up your options for a bathroom.  That’s probably the single, biggest reason why showers have basically pushed baths into a niche and, of course, if you’re going to replace a bath with a shower, then you really want to make it the best shower you can afford, which is why steam showers and hydro showers have become so popular.”.

Vidalux is always open to innovation

While Vidalux is best known for its range of steam showers and hydro showers, it has another range which is also growing in popularity, the Pure E range.  “Although people often seem to be surprised that we have these very basic, simple showers alongside our better-known ranges of steam showers and hydro showers, actually the thinking behind it is much the same, we want to provide customers with the ability to fit in the maximum amount of functionality in the minimum amount of space.  Our main ranges of showers are great for existing bathrooms, where you have all the plumbing already in place (or you can put it in easily), the Pure E range is for places where you just couldn’t have any other sort of shower.  Even though the Pure E range is a niche product, it’s more popular than you might expect as people increasingly look at expanding the functionality of their existing homes as an alternative to moving and are therefore looking to fit in shower rooms in places where there isn’t existing hot-water plumbing.”.

Vidalux offers tremendous value and reliable after-sales service

Vidalux has never competed on headline price and has no intentions of doing so.  They’re perfectly happy to let other companies “race to the bottom” if they want to.  Instead, Vidalux focuses on value and on providing a great purchase experience, including outstanding after-sales service and a solid warranty.  This strategy is working very well for them, in fact, it even seems to be something of a sales point.  “Modern customers generally understand that you get what you pay for.” says Andrew Ellis.  “They’ll happily pay a premium for quality whether that’s for the product or the service, or, in this case, both.”.
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