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Travelling for Business - What Should You Pack?

Business travel has changed a lot over the past several decades. Gone are the days where all you had to do was bring a suit bag, a small suitcase and any work files that were pertinent to the trip because that is not the way it’s done in today’s modern business world. Dinners are usually more on the casual side and trips may often include recreational activities or other events to help ease the strain and stress of the business negotiations. Here are a few suggestions on what to take with you on your next business trip.


As was mentioned above, business trips have changed and nowadays it is even appropriate to ask those you are meeting with what the attire for the occasion is. Not much has changed in the formal daytime part of the business trip and a nice suit and tie is recommended here; you can always take off the jacket and roll up your sleeves if the atmosphere is clearly less formal.
Dinners and lunches are usually much more casual than years ago too. It would be wise to pack a nice polo and a good pair of casual slacks. If the weather is cold you may need a jumper or something more substantial like a hat and heavy jacket.
Your polo shirt and casual slacks will probably work nicely on the golf course, but may bit a bit uncomfortable to go sightseeing in or touring around in your spare time, so try and bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a decent crew neck shirt and maybe a pair of jeans or shorts for times when you are doing these kind of activities.

Work and Miscellaneous Materials

Of course times have changed since the days of bringing briefcases and big file folders to business meetings with the advent of the laptop computer but there are a few other things you need to consider packing besides just your computer. It never is a bad idea to bring along a book or magazine to pass the time when you are flying or sitting in an airport. A lot of business people also enjoy travelling with some type of portable music device such as an iPod.

Recreational Gear

Whether you are sightseeing or watching an event during your trip it is always a good idea to take a pair of sunglasses along; this is true whether it’s a cold or warm weather climate because the sun can harm your eyes no matter what the temperature. A nice pair of Ray Bans from Red Hot Sunglasses would do the trick nicely here.
You also don’t want to forget your golf clubs if that is going to be part of the business trip, and it’s always a good idea to pack a swimsuit because most hotels that cater to business people have swimming pools and spas you can use.
The general rule here is don’t be afraid to ask those you are meeting with about dressing for the meetings and other activities you will be doing because you certainly don’t want to over pack either. The better job you do at packing, the more likely you are to have a relaxing and successful business trip.
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