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Top Tips for Selecting the Best Kind of AV Equipment You Need for Your Event

Event planning can be quite a challenge, especially in terms of figuring out your precise requirements. Not only do you have to think about the usual like food and drinks, a venue, and your guest list and entertainment, you also have to consider what you need when it comes to AV equipment. But the problem with this is that not all of us are AV equipment geniuses, and as an average layperson who may not have the best idea of which AV equipment to choose, you don’t want to make any mistake that can jeopardize your event and turn it into an AV nightmare. So how can you select the best kind of AV equipment for your event? Here are some top tips.

Figure out your basic needs

Firstly, you need to figure out what your basic needs are. So you already know that you need microphones, but what kind do you require? There are lapel microphones, for instance, but you also have wireless and wired microphones and so on. You would probably require a projector for presentations and videos, and you would need a screen along with this. It would be best to do your research and find out your basic requirements and then go on from there.

Know the type of screen you need

When you already have your list of AV basics, it’s time to choose the best type of screen for your event. If your event is smaller and more intimate and you have a venue that fits your small audience, you can opt for a single or two flat-screen monitors. These screens are often ideal if the audience is seated close to your stage and your presenters.

If you have a larger audience, a standard projector and screen would be a good choice, and this is more convenient if your presenters have plenty of information and data to impart. Standard screens used for presentations are in 4 is to 3 or 16 is to 9 widescreen formats, so make sure your presenters design their presentations with this in mind. It pays to choose your projector carefully, so select one equipped with higher lumens, which means more brightness if the venue has a lot of natural light or windows. Your chosen AV hire firm should be able to give you the best recommendations for the projector you need.

Make sure you have the necessities

Whilst there is AV equipment that is designed to add a particular 'wow' factor to your event, there are certain necessities as well. This will include a mixer or soundboard, especially if you want the in-house or external systems to work well. Depending on your needs, you can go for a mixer or soundboard with multiple inputs for microphones and computers.

You should also have a PA equipped with adequate speakers for the venue. If music is a prime element of your event, your sound system should be more robust. Make sure you have a mix of different mics, from lavalier mics to handheld mics, and a hardwired mic or two. An expert audio technician can relieve you of any worry and stress as you can rely on them to manage everything, so it's best to hire one for your event.


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