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Top Copywriting Mistakes

Whether it is social media, a press release or a blog post, it seems that everyday you can be surrounded by copywriting. This is very important to get right, as it is interaction with your consumer.  You have to convince your audience what you will provide them with, and why they should stick with you.

However, there are some common mistakes that copywriters often make. We have compiled a list, so you don’t make them.


Headline – If your headline doesn’t catch people’s attention, then who’s going to read it? Write the headline last, so you can really sum up what you’ve written, instead of something vague and uninteresting.

Grammar – This points directly at exclamation points. Putting too many can put readers off. Enthusiasm is great, but don’t let it get too much for your readers.

No Subheadings – If you publish something online with no headings or breaks, this will immediately make readers switch off. If readers can scan through and find an interesting point under a subheading and it create interest, then you’ve done your job.

Difficult Language – You need to explain your point in the most simple terms. You need to deliver information to people as quickly and effectively as possible, without confusing readers.

Long Sentences – No one wants to read long, rambly sentences. Get straight to the point, as this can show bad grammar.

Being Too Formal – Don’t be too formal with your words, but at the same time, don’t become too chatty. Stick with correct grammar and formatting, and use some power verbs to get your point across quickly.

Adjectives – If you over describe something, then your readers may think you are trying to overcompensate something. Show off what you are trying to say via imagery, as this will help keep the interest.

Connecting With Audience – If you don’t write for your audience, then who are you writing for exactly? You need to engage with your target audience and get to know them.

Have a Clear Call to Action – Everything has a purpose, and your copy needs to have a clear action. If you are promoting a new product, then point the reader where to buy the product. Don’t tell them to follow your social media at the same time. Make it very clear what you want the reader to do and don’t offer anything else.

No Proof Reading – If you post something without reading it, this can proof deadly. Read your copy one, two, even three times to make sure it is perfect.

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