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Top 5 Ways in 2017 to Build and Track Awesome B2B Leads

For startups looking to build and track B2B leads, it can get a bit frustrating simply because you are a startup! Most businesses like to do business with other companies that have been around a while, and as a result, it is sometimes a bit difficult for a startup to begin gathering and tracking awesome B2B leads. Here are the top five ways in 2017 to do just that.

1. Search Marketing

Working hand in hand with content marketing, search marketing is one of the best ways to begin gathering B2B leads. Just as when a consumer is looking for a product or service they search online, businesses do the very same thing. Track business visitors that landed on your site via search engines so that you can follow up on them. There are a number of tools that enable you to literally track who has been on your site, but a good place to start would be Google Analytics.

2. Email Marketing

As you begin to collect names and locations of businesses that have accessed your site, it is always advisable to follow up with a marketing email. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most useful tools on the market today because it enables you to track leads across a variety of media, keeping the data in a central location for future use. Email would be one of those ‘future uses’, as well as a mass marketing strategy. Use it to gain leads, track leads and follow up on them over time.

3. Social Media

The latest thing (although a decade old!) is social media. Everyone who is anyone is on social media, even businesses that only do business with other businesses. If you want to start building a collection of viable leads, set up several social media accounts from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube to Instagram. The more followers who like your page, the more traffic you will see. It’s amazing how this all comes together, from email to search marketing to social media.

4. Content Marketing to Build Authority

Not to be confused with SEO content, content marketing is a whole different approach. With SEO content you are employing specific keywords with the right amount of competition. Content marketing is all about what you have to say, more so than using those keywords. Whether on site or off-site with a link back, the more informative and interesting you can make your content, the more authoritative you become. This enables you to rank higher with the search engines and gain the respect of your peers at the very same time.

5. Industry Events / Direct Marketing

Finally, don’t forget to attend as many industry events as possible. Meet potential leads face to face, exchange business cards and scan them into your Outlook contacts. This will enable you to follow up on them through email marketing campaigns from time to time. Whether you choose a Dynamics 365 platform online or one locally installed on your mainframe, you can build and keep track of all your B2B leads now in 2017 from one single piece of software.
In 2017 you can build and track awesome B2B leads easier than ever before with many process being automated. Save your valuable time for other tasks such as communicating with those leads on a one-on-one basis. Let your software build and track leads, leaving you free to sell.
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