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Top 5 Football Leagues Ranked

Football is one of the most prominently played and watched sports around the world. With multiple football leagues that make up the sports entertainment industry, some of these leagues rank as the best football leagues worldwide. Of course, this is often a topic of debate, but within the past decade, we have seen some of the most popular leagues emerge on the scene, and they deserve every recognition.
These football sports leagues are so popular that they generate great interest and intrigue from a gambling perspective-they have always done so. For example, the odds for the Premier League, are considered as one of the most gambled football leagues within the sport and are continuously watched in great numbers from all over the world, if not within the stadium grounds themselves.
Who are the top-ranking football leagues?
Premier League 
The English Premier League is without a doubt the top-ranking league within UEFA rankings as of now. Often referred to as the EPL, it is the top-ranking football league of the English football system. With a total of 20 clubs, the teams are made up of promoted and relegated clubs that will ultimately move down a league should they not perform as well within the season. Overall, the season runs from August to May every year, with every team from the 20 clubs playing 38 matches in total.
The league was founded by the FA Premier League in 1992, when there was the decision to break away the Football League Division from the Football League, founded in 1888. Currently, the television rights and deals for the Premier league equate to over £3.1 billion and counting. Sky and BT Group have most of the rights over the respective games within the season. All over the world now, over 212 territories watch the Premier League, which equates to a total of 4.7 billion people watching each year. 
La Liga
Another huge ranking within the UEFA rankings, a total of 62 Spanish teams participated within La Liga and have been doing so since its conception. Real Madrid is the club that has managed to break records with the most wins (a total of 34 times), and while it may share a different light now, Barcelona too was another strong reigning club that shared the limelight of glory within La Liga. Real Madrid and Barcelona ruled the 1950s, in addition to Atletico Madrid and Valencia in the 40s.
Serie A
Serie A shares the epitome of Italian football. Coming in at third place within UEFA rankings, the Italian Football championship has been revised from a regional basis, towards a single tier league back in the year 1930. The league's most famous clubs include Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan, who were also founding members of the G-14. These clubs listed held reign as one of the most prestigious football clubs within Europe, and for that very reason, have shared a home to some of the best players in the world. 
The German Bundesliga was founded in 1962 within Dortmund. The organisation and structure of this league, with many other of Germany’s leagues, has seen great improvements and changes over the years. Within the world rankings as of now, the Bundesliga has the first world ranking for the number of attendances to its matches, out of all the other sports. In total, there are 56 clubs that participate within the league, and the team that has won the most titles since the founding of the league is Bayern Munich. 
Bayern Munich has managed to win a total of 30 times, including other wins from other prestigious teams such as Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV and VfB Stuttgart. Within UEFA’s top rankings, the 2020-21 season is what managed to put the Bundesliga in fourth place, in world football league rankings. 
Primeira Liga 
The final best league within football is the Primeira Liga, which originated within Portugal. Occupying the fifth position in the UEFA national rankings, they managed to pass other prominent leagues such as the French Ligue 1, which used to be in the top 5, until 2021 accounted for the performances of the entire season in 2021. Founded in 1934, the league had many experimental phases and changes of name, until it reached the name of Primeira Liga.
In total there have been 70 teams that have competed and participated within the league, but only 5 have been able to crown themselves as champions, and these are Benfica with 37 wins, Porto with 29 wins, Sporting CP with 19, and Belenenses and Boavista managed to win in the earlier years when the Liga was split in two titles.
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