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Top 5 Christmas Games for Your iPhone

Holidays are soon, and now it is time to plan what you will do during these days. Of course, it is great to go to nature, but what if you want to stay at home? Then playing online slots in Canada or watching movies is an amazing choice. Moreover, you can simply play an iPhone game, and these apps are the best for Christmas.

Alto's Adventure

One of the most spectacular games for iPhone and iPad. This story is about a young man who grazes llamas in the mountains. One day they got separated, and he had to take his snowboard and solve the problem.
On the one hand, Alto's Adventure is a simple arcade game where you have to ride the slopes, collect llamas and coins. On the other hand, it is a beautifully designed game with changing times of day, rumbling thunder and pouring rain.
Alto's Adventure has an amazing soundtrack. To better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game, plug in your headphones.

Jetpack Joyride

It is a fun runner game where you have to rush to meet the dangers, dodge lasers and collect coins. During the game, you will come across dragons, robots and even Santa Claus. The game is constantly updated, there are new levels and features.
Jetpack Joyride is available not only for iPhone and iPad but also for Apple TV. It looks even more spectacular on the big screen.
This funny and dynamic game will not leave anyone indifferent. To play, all you need is one finger and attention not to get caught in the traps.

Ski Safari 2

You have an exciting slalom on a snowboard in the company of penguins, mammoths and even a snowman. Perform dizzying stunts and beat your friends in competitions.
Just sliding down the mountain is boring. Ride a mammoth or get help from Bigfoot. This game will be appreciated by both adults and children.

Hockey Stars

One of the best multiplayer games about hockey on the iPhone and iPad. Fight with players around the world, take part in tournaments and win.
This is a dynamic and exciting game for hockey fans. It is simple, and you can play with one finger. To start your game, you can choose from more than 80 teams with unique features and designs.

Disney Frozen Free Fall

This is a fascinating game for the whole family. Just move the crystals and take your prize. The levels are short and it is easy to play with one hand.
This is a colorful and bright game with recognizable Frozen cartoon characters. Moreover, the gameplay is straightforward, and even kids will enjoy it. Engaging puzzles will be interesting for the whole family.

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