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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The cryptocurrency market offers a huge number of platforms where users exchange and trade digital assets - from simple exchanges to large centralized platforms. When choosing an exchange for trading and investing, users should keep in mind the crucial aspects such as:

• The number of trading pairs and the opportunity to buy crypto with fiat currencies;

• Fees charged for transactions. There may be a fixed commission or varying fee;

• Investment tools. Besides simple swapping functions, there must be a comprehensive list of features that open lots of earning opportunities for users. It especially refers to experienced traders;

• It also matters how quickly the platform proceeds with operations;

• The level of user security is also an important thing, especially when it comes to investing large sums.

Finding a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that would fit all user’s requirements is not an easy task. So we have composed the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges list that will help a beginner trader to start working with digital assets:

1. Binance

2. Okex

3. Huobi

4. KuCoin

5. WhiteBIT

6. Poloniex

7. FTX

8. Bitfinex

9. Bittrex

10. Probit

Let’s take a look at the first and the last exchange in the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges list. 


Binance is in the top 10 cryptocurrency exchange for it is the largest exchange in the world, for it has the biggest daily trading volume. The platform supports all common digital assets, it provides a wallet for the users to store their cryptocurrency. Binance offers both PC and mobile apps for Android and iOS, a wide range of tools and options, training, and educational materials.


This pretty young company made it to the list of top cryptocurrency exchanges for its rapid growth and high quality. Even though the trading volume is much lower than that of Binance, the platform is popular in 150 countries in the world and has gained more than 2 million users worldwide. The site provides all commonly traded digital assets and tolerable fees for transactions. The company’s clients note a high level of tech support, easy and user-friendly interface, convenient application, that allows to trade just on the go. The platform also offers charts and educational materials, as well as the opportunity to practice trading skills on a demo account.

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