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Too Busy For Water Breaks at Work? Here's How to Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated as a busy business owner is difficult when you have a million demands to deal with every day. Sugary drinks and colorful fruit platters may be your go-to when you're thirsty or feeling bogged down, but they don't have the nutritional benefits to keep you powered throughout the day.

By making time to stay hydrated, you'll improve your efficiency, productivity, and overall health. Plus, it's easy to make water more fun to drink with today's tasty healthy flavor enhancers.

Here are four ways you can stay hydrated, even if you hate drinking regular H20 or you're too busy for cooler breaks.

1. Enhance Your Setup

Drinking water in a plain old glass or water bottle is boring to some. And, it can blend into the background. 

Having aluminum bottled water in a striking color like blue or red will stand out on your desk and can remind you to take a few sips whenever it catches your eye. Carry it around with you to work, the grocery store, and even around the house for a reminder to hydrate. Plus, it's more eco-friendly than any vending machine product.

If you prefer to have some flavor in your water, don't settle for plain. Add a lemon wedge, cucumber slice, or mint. You can also choose to infuse your water overnight. Not only will it look more refreshing, but you can also increase the nutritional benefits. Depending on the fruit you use, you can boost your immune system with additional vitamins and help your digestive system.

2. Eat Foods High in Water Content

Eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content will help you stay hydrated while you reach your daily nutrient requirements. You will not fill up with enough of these water-rich foods to keep you hydrated for the whole day. However, they are a helpful snack that combats dehydrating beverages, like coffee and tea.

3. Enjoy Alcohol In Moderation

All alcoholic beverages are best enjoyed in moderation. They might help you keep cool at the summer BBQ, but a drink the night before work can leave you dehydrated when you show up in the morning.

Cocktails with too much sugar will also reduce fluid levels in your body, causing you to feel thirsty. Even plain water won't be much help if you're too low on electrolytes. Have a glass of water or a low sugar electrolyte beverage for rehydration between cocktails. 

4. Adjust Your Dress  

Your work attire might be affecting how hydrated you are. Have clothes that are a tight fit or several layers? Wear mostly black in a room with big windows and a lot of sunlight?

You're going to be hot and tired. And if you're not hydrating, forget about it. You may need to make some slight adjustments to your wardrobe to feel less thirsty.

You can still wear a long sleeve shirt if that's your preferred style or dress code, but wear a loose-fitting top that allows your skin to breathe. Lighter shades will keep you cool by stopping heat absorption. 


Staying hydrated at work requires consistent, daily management of your water intake. It may feel like a chore if you're not used to it. Why slow down your schedule to make time to drink water? However, it will up your game and help you get more done. 

It's totally possible to get the hydration you need with a refillable water bottle by your side all day — no water cooler trips necessary. And you can prevent your body from thirstiness with a lighter, less-constricting top and hydrating fruit snacks on your desk. 

See? It's easier to stay hydrated at work than you thought. 

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