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Three Things that all Global Businesses Should Do to Protect Corporate Travellers

Three Things that All Global Businesses Should Do to Protect Corporate Travellers

If your employees travel on behalf of your business whether in the U.K. or abroad, you are legally responsible for their health and safety during their trip. Safeguarding travelling employees is becoming more and more important in the corporate world, especially in global industries such as banking or finance where employees are more likely to be required to travel. If you fail to protect employees whilst they are travelling on your behalf, you’re not only risking the health and safety of your people – you’re also putting your business at serious risk of legal action, lawsuits and worse. As a business working in the global finance sector, the health of your employees when they travel should be paramount.


Depending on the countries which your employees are required to visit, it may be necessary for them to be vaccinated against certain diseases such as diphtheria, hepatitis B, and tetanus to name just a few. If your employees visit banks and other financial institutions in these areas of the world where diseases such as these are prevalent without ensuring that they have all the relevant vaccinations, it is not only their health that is at grave risk; they could even be risking their lives as well. You should make it a top priority to ensure that all travelling employees have the necessary inoculations. Clinics such as London Travel Clinic offer employee travel vaccinations for corporations which can be hugely beneficial to the finance sector when ensuring that bankers and other staff are protected from risks.

Provide Information

Along with ensuring that your employees have information regarding the banks, clients and other people they are required to visit when travelling, it’s crucial to ensure that they are up-to-date on local health risks and common diseases as well so that they can take the necessary precautions to prevent them. Along with information about relevant health risks and common diseases, you should also give your employees information about crime rates, common risks in the area and how to best protect themselves whilst they are there. Before your employees leave, it is crucial that you create a plan of action for them in case of an emergency and ensure that they have access to contact details for local emergency services, their insurance company and yourself.

Review Your Health and Travel Insurance

Due to the nomadic nature of many employees in the global finance sector, the majority of businesses in this industry will provide health and travel insurance which comes as standard with the job. However, it’s important to keep on top of your travel insurance policies to ensure that it is up-to-date and make any modifications when needed. If any employees or bankers travel to a country for the first time, it’s crucial to double check your insurance policies in order to ensure that they are covered for anything that might happen to them during their stay.
When you are part of such a large global industry such as the banking and finance sector, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone is prepared for the risks of global travel.
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