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Things to Know About Palisade Fencing

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Property owners have several choices when they need to secure their commercial facility or property. Security fences come in different styles, providing adequate security and adding to the aesthetic kerb appeal of the commercial property. One security fencing choice, which offers classic yet modern appeal, is palisade fencing.

What is palisade fencing?

Palisade fencing is one of the favourite choices among commercial property owners, particularly in industries where security is a high priority. The fence construction consists of two horizontal running rails or pales. The manufacturer then attaches vertical joists to the running rails. According to fencing contractors Nottingham, the typical height of palisade fencing in the UK is three metres. Still, customers can have their security fencing custom-made, so they can request the fence to be higher. 

Effective design

The design of palisade fencing is effective for its purpose. Likewise, the choice of material makes the fence sturdy. Its vertical joists use either a W or D shape. When placed close together, the vertical joists provide an impenetrable barrier as the metal shape makes it difficult to climb. The top finish is another distinctive feature of palisade fencing. 

But the construction is not only what makes palisade fencing an excellent security measure. In properties that require heightened security, owners choose either one sharp spike point, while others opt for the triple or trident point.

Aside from the shape of the vertical joists and the top finish, commercial property owners can also make the fence look less formidable by choosing a rounded or square top finish. The fence will still be an excellent hindrance to intruders. However, the top ends will look less formidable.

Visual appeal and security

For some people, palisade fencing is not the most visually appealing compared to wrought iron fencing, which is more ornate. However, palisade fencing performs its purpose effectively. Contractors such as RTC fencing, construct it for security. It provides maximum protection, with the vertical joists featuring a single point or triple points. These spike points make the fence difficult to climb, as they are very sharp and can injure intruders. The design of palisade fencing came from the ancient Greeks, proving it effective as a security measure. 

Advantages of palisade fencing

This type of security fencing provides several advantages, making it the top choice of many businesses to protect their properties. 

• The lack of footholds makes the fence tricky to climb.

• It presents a solid visual impediment.

• Durable and strong construction

• Extreme weather resistance

• Low maintenance and repair requirements

• Choice of coating – powder coating or galvanised 

• Provides privacy without sacrificing visual appeal

• High resistance to corrosion and rust

• Easy installation

• Multiple applications


One of the appeals of palisade fencing to commercial property owners is its flexibility in application. Property owners use palisade fencing to protect highways, railways, industrial sites, stadiums, churches, parks, and schools. Aside from the fence, the supplier can also install matching gates to direct and limit access to the property. 

Providing a security fence to your property protects you and your customers. The palisade fence offers a formidable hindrance and an effective solution to your security concerns.


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